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How to Access the Printer's Web Page or Embedded Web Server; A Communication Test and a Brief Description of Settings

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How to access the web page; Change settings; Cannot communicate; Communication test; Network communication test; EWS;


Microsoft Windows; Macintosh;



This article provides the following:
  • A communication test to see if your printer is communicating on your network.
  • A list of the configured and configurable settings available via the inkjet AIO/printer embedded web server (EWS).  
  • Additional status messages and other useful printer information.

Before you begin

First, obtain your printer's TCP/IP address from the network setup page.

To do this, press Setup > Network Setup > Print Network Setup Page from most printer control panels. Look for value next to TCP/IP address or address. 

Now that you have the printer's IP address, perform the following to access the printer's web page.

Step Action
1 Open your browser application; e.g., Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.
2 Enter the printer's IP address into the web address field; e.g.,, where the numerical value is the TCP/IP address of your printer.
3 Press Enter on your keyboard.

NOTE: The printer's web page is also called the printer's Embedded Web Server (EWS). 


If... Then... And if...
You can access the printer's Web page... The printer is communicating on the network...

The printer is still not responding to any scan or print requests. 

Try performing a KnowledgeBase search on the following topics:

  • Printer port issues.
  • Firewall related issues.
  • Scan TWAIN issues.
  • Printer firmware related issues.
  • Operating system or print queue related issues.
Also, consider topics under Related Articles below.
You cannot  access the printer's Web page...  The printer is not communicating on the network... The Wi-Fi indicator light is blinking or has a line through an icon, you should be performing a KnowledgeBase search on the indicator light status, e.g., orange blinking light.


Selectable Web Server Options

Viewable or selectable EWS options include the following: 

Embedded Web Server Contents

Embedded Web Server Item

Viewable or Configurable Values

Note: Sample values only.

Device Status

Printer Status, Color Cartridge Level and Black Color Cartridge Level

Note: Cartridge level values are determined by pel (pixel) or ink drop count on new inkjet models. Older models have estimated cartridge levels based on 5% or 1/20th coverage per page.  

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Print Server Settings under Configuration
General Settings:  Basic Information
  • Contact Name: Variable, set by user.
  • Location: Variable, set by user.
  • Job Timeout: 90 default, or (10-255), or 0 to disable.
  • LAA: Custom MAC set by administrator.
  • Allow Code Updates: On or Off.
  • Allow UCF Configuration: On or Off.
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  • Set Hostname: Not relevant unless using DNS.
  • Domain Name: Not relevant unless using DNS.
  • Set static IP address allows manual configuration of IP parameters.
  • Address: Variable.
  • Netmask: Variable.
  • Gateway: Variable.
  • Enable DHCP: On.
  • Enable FTP: On.
  • DNS Server Address: You may see your router's IP address. 
  • Backup DNS Server Address: Not relevant unless using DNS.
  • Domain Search Order: Not relevant unless using DNS.
  • Restricted Server List: Only host or computer IP addresses entered into this list will have access to the printer.   
  • MTU: The maximum transmission unit (1500) should be adjusted only if intermittent network connectivity issues are encountered.

    Hint: Start by cutting this value in half. This is not recommended unless in a highly congested area and all other forms of troubleshooting have been performed.  
  • Default TTL: The default time to live setting of (256) seldom needs adjustment.   
  • Zero Configuration Name: Broadcast value utilized by multicast DNS (mDNS) - MacIntosh's Bonjour or Rendezvous use this value when viewing bookmarks via the Safari web browser.
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Wireless Configuration
  • SSID: Network name of router or AP.
  • BSS Type: Infrastructure or Ad hoc.
  • Encryption Mode: Security type and encryption (e.g. WPA - TKIP/PSK).
  • Set PreShared Key: Network key or passphrase.
Important! Only change these settings before changing networks, the Access Point SSID, encryption mode, or network security key/passphrase. The Wi-Fi Light will turn orange or blink orange until the settings on the access point have been saved. Failure to enter the correct values will require you to re-run the Wireless Configuration Utility or Wireless Setup Assistant in order to reassociate with the router (AP).
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Weblink Options 6 Configurable Web Links
  • Status: Default, Disabled or Custom.
  • URL Name: Custom Identifier.
  • URL address: Link address.
Click here
Reset Print Server Warning! This reset eliminates all network configuration settings. The Wireless Configuration Utility or Wireless Setup Assistant will have to run again in order to reassociate with the router (AP) and obtain DHCP-administered IP parameters.
  • Reset
Click here
Scan to Network Host Management  Displays the Host IP address and registered Host Names of devices that are recognized by the All-In-One.  Click here
Configuration under Other Settings
Set Password
  • Password.
  • Password again for verification.
Click here
Update Print Server Firmware Requires Java installation and an active network connection to the printer. 
  • Browse (.flg extension).
  • Flash.
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Remaining EWS options
  • Print Server Setup PageClick here for a complete description of the network settings page.
  • Device Information displays the following Print Server information:

    • Ethernet 802.11b/g Lexmark N2052.
    • IP address of the printer server.
    • UAA (MAC) address: 12-digit hexidecimal hardware address as seen on the sticker located on the back of the printer.
    • Network Speed: e.g. 54 Mbps.
    • Firmware Version: e.g. NET.AR.N105.

  • Contact/Location: Variable value set under Configuration > Basic Information.
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Links & Index
Provides links available as set per the Weblink Options above, as well as all the other quick link options that are outlined in this table.
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Order Supplies
Opens to allow direct ordering of supplies.
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Still need help?

If you need additional assistance, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE: You will be asked for the model type and serial number (SN) of your printer.

Please call from near the print server, printer and computer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving one or all of these devices.  


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