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How to set up Scan To E-mail preferences

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How to set up Scan To E-mail preferences; OptraImage X6100; MFP general setup; Gateway configuration


You should first upgrade your Marknet N2501e card to firmware 5.18.8 or higher.
Before you can take advantage of the e-mail functionality of the OptraImage, you have to set some preferences so that OptraImage can communicate successfully with your SMTP Server.

  1. In the URL field of your browser, type the IP Address of the OptraImage. Press ENTER or click GO.

  2. Click Configuration.

  3. Under the OptraImage heading, click the Scan to E-mail General Setup link.

  4. Specify the SMTP Gateway of your network (this can be the IP address or DNS Name), plus your Reply Address for every message sent from this MFP.

  5. Enter a Subject (descriptive name) and a generic Message suitable for use on all scan to e-mail jobs. This information will appear on all e-mail scanned to permanent e-mail destinations.

  6. Submit the information to be saved on the multifunction unit. General scan to e-mail settings are now saved. After a destination or "Profile" has been configured, the scan to e-mail function should be ready to use.

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