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How to Set Up Scan-to-Network General Settings

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How to configure Scan to Network settings; OptraImage X6100; Default scan settings.


You should first upgrade your Marknet N2501e card to firmware 5.18.8 or higher.
In addition to making copies and sending faxes, many MFPs let you scan documents and send them to designated destinations on your network. There are three 'scan to network' modes:

  • Scan to Profile (for single-use scan jobs such as one-time scan to e-mail or scanning documents back to your workstation)
  • Scan to E-mail (to a permanent destination)
  • Scan to FTP (to an FTP Server).

In order for the MFP control panel to display menus for Scan to Profile, Scan to E-mail, or Scan to FTP, you must configure each of these functions using the MarkNet resident web pages.
To configure some default scan job settings that will preset the MFP control panel formats for all Scan to E-mail and Scan to FTP jobs:

  1. In the URL field of your browser, type the IP address of the MFP and press ENTER.
  2. Click the Configuration link.
  3. Under the Multifunction heading, click Scan to Network General Setup.
  4. Set your default network scan settings. Note: It is a good idea to base these settings on the most common types of originals you will be scanning. However, these defaults can be overridden by changing the settings on the MFP control panel just before scanning.
  5. Click Submit to activate your changes.

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