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How to create a Scan To E-mail destination

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How to create a Scan to E-mail destination; E-mail Destinations; MFP setup


In order to set up a Scan to E-mail destination, you should first upgrade your Marknet N2501e card to firmware 5.18.8 or higher.
When creating an e-mail destination, decide what kind of e-mail the recipient will receive. There are two options for sending a document in this way:

  • Attachment -- a copy of the scanned document is sent in an e-mail message to the recipient as an attachment
  • Web link -- the scanned document is sent to a storage area on a website and only a web link to that site is sent to the e-mail recipient

The information below describes the process of creating an e-mail destination. Before setting up an e-mail destination, make sure that you have configured all the parameters listed under Scan To Email General Setup.

  1. In the URL field of your browser, type the IP address of the MFP. Click GO.
  2. From the list on the left of the page, select Configuration.
  3. Under the Multifunction heading, select Manage Destinations.
  4. Under the Manage Destinations heading, select E-mail Destinations Setup.
  5. Enter a unique name for the e-mail recipient and specify the e-mail address.
  6. Select which type of 'scan to e-mail' you want to send, or the type of attachment. (Attachment is the most common choice, but you can avoid sending large scanned images as e-mail if you use a web link.)
  7. Enter a shortcut number (1-254) to identify the recipient (optional).
  8. Click Add/Modify to add the name to the available list of e-mail addresses. This new recipient is now visible in the e-mail destination list (and the entry is also available for selection from the MFP control panel menu).
    To find this destination on the MFP control panel, you can either type in the assigned shortcut number or you can press the Fax/Scan Mode button until you see SCAN->EMAIL.
    Note: If you create multiple e-mail destinations, you may have to press the right menu button (Menu>) on the MFP control panel to scroll through the e-mail destinations.

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