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How to Create a Scan-to-FTP Destination

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How to create a scan-to-FTP destination; MFP setup; X632e MFP; OptraImage X6100


Note: The information provided here assumes that the MarkNet N2501e print server contains a firmware level of 5.18.8 or higher.
The MFP can be configured to use a permanent list of FTP destinations. Once 'Scan-to-FTP' is configured, an original document can be scanned on the MFP unit and stored in a directory on the assigned FTP server destination. Each MFP can support multiple FTP servers and destinations. Important: Although you can create multiple FTP destinations, a scan job can only be sent to one destination at a time.
To create an FTP destination, you need the IP address of an FTP server as well as a valid user name and password with login rights.

  1. In the URL field of your browser, type the IP address of the MFP unit and press the ENTER key.
  2. From the list on the left of this page, select CONFIGURATION.
  3. Under the Multifunction/OptraImage heading, select MANAGE DESTINATIONS.
  4. From the links on the next page, select FTP DESTINATIONS SETUP.
  5. Assign a name to the FTP server destination. This is the name that will appear on the MFP control panel.
  6. Specify the IP Address of the FTP Server.
  7. Enter a Login and Password in the corresponding fields.
  8. Specify the path of the directory on the FTP server where the scanned image will be stored. This includes the full path and filename (for example,  /myftp/scan). Note: You do not need to include the file extension.
  9. Choose the Type of Scan that you want to create: PDF, PS, JPEG, or Tiff.
  10. Choose the Scan Resolution and assign a shortcut number: 1-254.
  11. Click ADD/MODIFY to add the name to the available list of FTP destinations. This new destination is now visible in the FTP destinations list (and the entry is also available for selection from the MFP control panel menu).
  12. To find this destination on the MFP control panel, either type in the assigned shortcut number or press the Fax/Scan Mode button until you see SCAN->FTP. Note: If multiple FTP destinations are present, you may have to press the right menu button (Menu>) on the OptraImage control panel to scroll through the FTP destinations.
  13. When the document has been scanned using the desired destination, the scanned file will be found on the FTP server in the directory previously specified (step 8). A date- and time stamp will be appended to the filename.

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