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How to Print a Test Page in Mac OS X.5 Leopard to Confirm Communication; Other Printer Utility Features

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How to print a test page; How to test print quality; How to print alignment page; How to access the printer folder; How to install the printer; How to install cartridges; How to clean cartridges; How to clean print nozzles; How to check for clogged nozzles; How to remove cartridges; Lexmark Z2400; Lexmark X4610



This article describes how to print a test page to help confirm communication between printer and computer. It also provides a brief overview of other Lexmark Printer Utility features. 
NOTE: The Printer Utility is displayed as the Lexmark (model #) Series Utility    (toolbox icon). 

Printer Utility features 

The following maintenance and testing options are available in the Printer Utility: 
  • Install cartridges.
  • Print Test Page.
  • Print Alignment Page.
  • Clean Print Nozzles.

 Click on Print Test Page to test communication and confirm print quality.

How to access the Printer Utility

There are three ways to access the Printer Utility:

  • Double-click on the Printer folder on the Mac desktop.
  • Go to System Preferences > Print & Fax and click on the Utility icon ().
  • If a job is active, double-click on the Print Queue icon in the dock, and then click on Utility.   

Still need help? 

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional information. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need your printer model type and serial number.
Please call from near the computer and printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving these devices.  


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