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Memory Full or Intervention Request Messages Can Prevent X64xe, X85xe, X95xe, X646ef Fax Functionality; Further Suggestions Require Contacting Lexmark Technical Support

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Memory full; Intervention request message; Fax caught in memory; Corrupt fax; Mfp locks up; Mfd lock-up


How to format fax storage; How to overcome a memory full message during fax; How to remove a corrupt fax; How to unstick a stuck fax


What You Will See

A Memory Full or Intervention Request message displayed on the multifunction device (MFD) while it is is receiving or sending faxes may be preventing fax functionality.      

Preliminary Diagnosis

Before calling Lexmark for technical support, please go through the following diagnostic checks:

    • Have both send and receive fax functions ceased to function?  
    • Have you performed the appropriate checks for a receive failure?  Click here for more information.  If the problem occurs only when a fax is being received, try changing the Memory Use  setting to either Mostly receive or All receive.

    • Have you performed the appropriate checks for a send failure?  Click here for more information.  If the problem occurs only when a fax is being sent, try splitting the job into multiple faxes and/or selecting a lower resolution setting.  Also consider changing the Memory Use  setting if the problem persists.  
    • Do other MFD functions, such as copy, scan, and print, still work?
    • Is there an intervention request message on the user interface?  Clear the intervention message to see if the problem persists.     
    • Is there a memory full message on the user interface?  Are there multiple faxes in the queue?  Can you remove the oldest fax from the fax queue? 
    • Can you determine whether there are held faxes or delayed send jobs on the MFD that are scheduled for completion at a later time? If there are multiple faxes pending in the fax queue, try removing the oldest fax(es) from the fax queue to free up memory for the current job?  

Suggested Action

If you are unable to resolve this fax failure, or cannot answer all of the above questions, please contact Lexmark Technical Support  for further diagnosis and possible fix suggestions.     

Contacting Lexmark 

When calling Lexmark Technical Support, you will need to know your printer model type and serial number. Please call from near the printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving the printer.   


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