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How to Control IP (TCP/UDP) Port Access on the C53x Series Printers

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No communication; Cannot print; Cannot create port; Cannot disable ports; Web page will not appear; MVP status unknown; Unable to block port access; Ftp fails; Tftp fails


How to close IP ports; How to block port access; How to access TCP/IP ports list; UDP



This article describes the method for gaining access to the TCP/IP Port Access list via the printer web page, and provides a brief description of the three available port security values.

Procedure:  TCP/IP Port Access

Other current Lexmark laser printers provide a TCP/IP Port Access  link via Links and Index > Security. However, the C53x Series products may not have this option available.
However, if your C53x network code is NSF.NP.N031 or later, you can access the same page by entering http://<ipaddress>/cgi-bin/dynamicpf/pf/config/gen/ports.html (where <ip address> is the TCP/IP address of the printer).


Three Security Values

Three TCP and UDP port security values are available: 
  • Disabled - Never allows network connections to this port and disables the corresponding function.
  • Secure and Unsecure - Allows the port to remain open even when a secure mode is active. 
  • Unsecure Only - Port remains open only when printer is not in secure mode.  

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