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How to Perform a Scan-to-Macintosh with a Lexmark MFD (Multifunction Device)

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Unable to scan to Macintosh; Cannot scan to Apple; Apple network scan failing


How to perform a network scan; Macintosh network scan; How to scan to a shared folder on network; X502 MFP; X34x Family



Lexmark multifunction devices are intended to be used in a Windows environment; however, this procedure is provided as a non-supported alternative in a Macintosh OS X.4 environment.

Procedure:  Scan-to-PC setup with a Macintosh


Procedure:  Create Share
  1Open System Preferences.
  2Click on the Sharing folder.
  3Under Services, activate Windows Sharing by placing a checkmark in the box next to it.
Click on Accounts to identify and select which user accounts will be able to save files to that computer. 
NOTE:  The Apple firewall will be automatically opened for Windows sharing. If any other firewall is installed locally on the Mac, the ports for SMB (Samba) will have to be opened as well (135 to 139).

Procedure:  Identify short/share name
  5Open System Preferences
  6Click on Accounts
  7Take note of the Short Name: for this user.  The displayed Short Name is required for the user name in the next step. 

The personal folders of the user(s) will be shared on the computer for this specific user. Accordingly, the shared drive to access will be \\MACCOMPUTERNAME\USERNAME\.
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Procedure:  Add Scan Profile
NOTE:  Entry field locations vary by product.   
  9Open the MFP's web page.  (This example refers to the X502.)
  10Click on the One Touch Button.
  11Next to Add New Type, select PC.
Enter the appropriate information for the following:

  • One touch button (shortcut button on user interface).

  • Full name (name to appear on MFP liquid crystal display)


  • User name (short name in step 7 above.)

  • Login password, or administrator password.

  • Optional directory

  • File format selection for color and monochrome (e.g. PDF, TIFF, JPEG, +).

Click here  for image.
  13Click Submit.
Lastly, the Mac uses a local user database.  The X502 adds the workgroup to the user name, so the Workgroup Name field under Network Status can remain blank. 
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