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How to Set Up Scan-to-PC with the X500 Series AIO (All-In-One)

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How to set up scan to pc; X502 MFP



This article provides instructions on how to scan to PC using the embedded web server (EWS) interface of the X500 Series AIO multi-function device (MFD). Sections in the article cover: 

  • Preparation of a shared folder.    

  • Configuration of a scan profile (scan profile = shortcut)

  • Profile selection from the printer front user interface (UI)

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Before you begin

IMPORTANT! The following must be verified before you attempt this procedure:   
  1. File and print sharing is enabled on your PC.
  2. You have administrator's privileges enabling you to share folders.
  3. You have administrator's privileges  allowing full access control to a shared folder.   

Folder Preparation:  Folder Creation & Sharing

Step Action Image
  1 Determine the scan destination directory on the PC.  (This example uses the Windows Desktop.) ...
  2 Right-click in an open area of the window or preferred folder location. ...
  3 From the drop-down menu, select New, and then Folder. (Alternatively, if an untitled folder exists, right-click on it and choose Rename.)     ...
  4 Enter a Name for the folder (e.g. Billing Documents). ...
  5 Right-click on the newly created folder, and select Properties from the drop-down menu. ...
  6 Click the Sharing* tab. ...
  7 Place a bullet or checkmark next to Share this folder ...
  8 Enter a suitable share name to identify the destination folder contents.  NOTE:  If a Permissions button is present, click it to verify that Full Control, Change, and Read access are selected. Clickhere.
  9 Click OK or Apply and observe the created and shared folder.  Observe the folder name under the folder.  This example keeps the Folder name the same as the Share name.   Be aware of this possibility.      

* If this tab is not available, please contact your network administrator.  


Step Action Image
  1 Open the embedded web server (EWS). NOTE:  This requires the printer IP address, or host name.
HINT:  Print the Configuration page for this value.  Display (LCD) - Menu > Reports Print > Configuration Settings.  

http://  X502_IP_Address, where <502_IP_Address> is the IP address of the printer. 
Click here for instructions on obtaining the printer's IP address.
  2 Under Directory, click on One Touch Scanning. ...
  3 Next to Add New Type, click on the down arrow and select PC from the drop-down menu.  Click here.
  4 This will display Scan to PC Settings. ...
  5 Select your one touch button number (1-20). 
NOTE:  Also called shortcut, profile, or Scan Quick Dial number.  
  6 Enter a Full Name.  This is a personal/individual choice and displays the shortcut name on the printer LCD.     
  7 Enter the host name, or recipient PC IP address, and the share name. NOTE:  This is not the name of the folder.  Try to differentiate between both values.   ...
Most will not require a User Name and Password, but some environments may want to utilize User Accounts to provide additional security.  

  If a Users & Guests; User Name & password need to be created, please contact your administrator.  This user account will require full permissions.     
Select your file format: 

  • Color - PDF or JPEG

  • BW - PDF or TIFF  
You can prevent unwanted changes to the scan profile by setting up an administrator's password. 
  11 Click Submit. click here.
  12 The end result should display the Directory, and include the Full Name entered in step 6.  click here (Observation)

Profile Selection 

Step Action Image
  1 Select the Scan button.

You should see Ready/Press Directory on the printer display. 
Two methods are available for selecting your scan-to-pc profiles(shortcuts):

  • Press Shortcut (1-20) button

  • Press Directory button

Method 1:  Shortcut (1-20 ) buttons 
  4 Press the numbered shortcut button created under 'Configuration' (step 5).    
  5 This will display the corresponding shortcut name.
  6 Press Start. ...
  7 Connected to Server will scroll across the display, followed by Push Scan Active.    ...
Method 2:  Directory button
  4 Use the orbutton to start scrolling through the scan directory.
  5 Press when the shortcut name appears.
  6 The shortcut and host name will now appear.  This may be an IP address.
  7 Press Start. ...
  8 Connected to Server will scroll across the display, followed by Push Scan Active ...

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Still need help?

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance.  NOTE:  When calling for support, you will need your printer machine/model type and serial number.
Please call from near the computer and printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of these devices.  


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