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How to Reset the Network Settings on the X4850 and X7550 All-In-One Inkjet Printer

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Cannot communicate; Communication problem; Router was reset; Need to reconfigure


How to reset the network settings; How to reset wireless settings; How to reset wifi; How to reset the IP address; How to start over; How to clear settings; How to erase tcp/ip settings; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition; Microsoft Windows Vista


Overview: Reset scenarios

Reset the network settings only if one of the following conditions applies to your situation:

  • The printer is being moved to a new network, or new network segment, that uses new network settings and hardware (access points, wireless routers).

  • The original printer port has stopped communicating and you would like to try reconfiguring the printer completely using the installation software.

  • You recently reformatted your computer's hard drive and reinstalled your operating system.

  • You are switching to an Ad hoc environment with different security settings.

Resetting network settings


 - 4-Way directional button
 - Select button

WARNING!  This procedure clears all network settings and returns them to the original factory default values. In order to have a record of any user-defined settings, it is recommended that you print the network setup page before starting the procedure.  Click here for instructions on printing this page.
  1Press  until Setup is highlighted.
  2Press .
  3Press  until Network Setup is highlighted.
  4Reset Network Adapter defaults should be highlighted. 
  5Press .
  6Yes will be highlighted. A confirmation/warning message that 'All Wireless Network Settings' will be reset is now displayed. 
  7Press  if you require a reset of the network card. 
  8Clearing Wireless Settings will be displayed, and the Wi-Fi indicator light will turn off ().
  9Please wait 1-2 minutes while the network adapter resets and reinitializes.  You will know that the card has finished reinitializing when you see a solid orange indicator light ( ).  

NOTE:  You will not be able to access network-related menus while the network card reinitializes. 

Alternative reset procedure 

  1Press  until Maintenance is highlighted.
  2Press .
  3Press  until Reset Defaults is highlighted.
  4Press .
  5Reset all Menu Default settings to factory settings? will be displayed on the LCD, with the word Yes highlighted.
  6Press  .
  7Also reset all Network Settings to factory defaults will be displayed on the LCD.
  8Press   to highlight Yes.
  9Press .  The message All Menu and Network Settings have been reset to factory settings will briefly display on the LCD.

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to set up the printer in an Infrastructure network environment  (i.e. with access points and routers)
NOTE:  This is the recommended procedure if you are connected to the Internet. 
click here.
to reconfigure the printer using the Wireless Setup Utility or Lexmark Wireless Setup Assistant.
NOTE:  Recommended if the software remains installed on the computer.  
click here.
to set up the printer in an Ad hoc  network environment  (i.e. wireless-equipped PC directly to printer)click here.

Still need help? 

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance.  NOTE:  When calling for support, you will need to know your printer model/machine type and serial number
Please call from near the printer and computer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of these devices.   


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