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How to Print the Network Settings Page on the X3500 and X4500 Series Inkjets; a Brief Explanation of its Values

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How to print network settings; Network settings page values; How to print the quality settings page; How to obtain printer code values; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition; Microsoft Windows Vista


Before you begin

  • Make sure the printer is turned on () and that paper is loaded into the auto-document feeder. 

Procedure:  Printing out the Network Settings Page 

- 1st line of display
Red - 2nd line of display
Step Action
  1Press Settings to display Settings/ <Maintenance> on the LCD.
  2Press  to display Settings/<Network Setup>.
  3Press  to display Network Setup/<Print Setup Page>.
  4Press .  Observe the message Load Plain Lettter paper and press .
  5You will see Preparing page before the printer starts printing.

Network Settings Page:  Values of importance

SettingDefault ValueConfigured Values (Example)
StatusNot ConnectedConnected
Bitrate0 Mbps (Megabits per second)
11 Mbps (Ad hoc)
Theoretical data rate values up to 54 Mbps  (Infrastructure).  Actual throughput rate is typically slower.  
End-of-Job (EOJ)90 sec. 90 sec.
UAA (MAC Address)12-digit hexadecimal hardware address.  Unique hardware address used as an identifier during printer configuration and setup.00200002CD60
Firmware VersionNET.MH.N021 current as of 4/4/07NET.MH.N021 current as of 4/4/07
PasswordNot set
Not set
This value can be set through the printer's embedded Web server (EWS - also called the printer's Web page). 
Enable DHCPOnOn
Address SourceManualDHCP (Could also show Auto IP or Manual)
AddressAddress assigned by (DHCP-enabled) access point.
If unable to obtain a DHCP administered address, Auto IP will assign a 169.254.#.# .
Netmask255.255.255.0255.255.255.# (most common) or if Auto IP (ad-hoc value).
GatewayIP address of router or wireless router, i.e.  http :// or similar.  This value is often used for access to the router's web page. 
Zero Configuration Name3500-4500 SeriesRelates to Macintosh installation.  You will see this when selecting Show All Bookmarks using  Bonjour or Rendezvous through the Safari Web browser. 
BSS TypeAd hoc (computer-to-printer).  Commonly known as your connection type or mode.
This value will change to Infrastructure after configuration with an access point. 
SSIDPrint Server (02CD60*)
*As this value is unique to each individual printer, your value will be different.  Notice that this value is the last six characters of the UAA (MAC address).
macdaddy3 (after configuration with an access point)
Wireless Security ModeDisabled until configured.
WPA- PSK (optionally WEP, WPA2)
Security recommended - WPA Personal.
Signal StrengthNot listed -40dBm 
Current Access PointNot listed0080C80A2236 (MAC address of the access point the print server is communicating with.)
Current ChannelNot listed6
QualityNot listedExcellent
Pairwise CipherNot listedTKIP (part of PSK Security Mode)
Groupwise CipherNot listedTKIP (part of PSK Security Mode)
Trouble CodeCan't find Wireless NetworkNone

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