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How to Reconfigure Your Inkjet Printer to Rejoin Your Wireless Network Using the Wireless Setup Utility

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Your printer may need to re-establish network communication if: 

  • You received a replacement printer.

  • You replaced your router or access point.

  • You performed a complete reset of your router or access point.

  • You changed your router's network name or security passphrase.

  • You are moving the printer to a new network that uses a different network name and security passphrase.

  • You have reset the printer network settings back to the factory defaults; to verify, the SSID value on the network settings page displays print server ######, where ###### is the last 6-digits of the UAA(MAC) address.

  • You have exhausted all efforts to eliminate a  Wi-Fi indicator light.

  • You have a Wi-Fi indicator light; for example, you have decided to switch from a USB connection to a wireless network connection.


Before you begin

If... Then...
You received a replacement printer... See Related Configuration Articles for Windows and Apple computers.
You know your network's wireless configuration settings... See the Procedure below.
You have already joined the printer to the wireless network, but you cannot print... See Step 7.
You are uncertain of your network's wireless configuration settings...

See Printer/Network Configuration Requirements below, and then see the Procedure.


Printer/Network Configuration Requirements


IMPORTANT! Lexmark is not responsible for these settings. Please consult the person responsible for setting up your wireless network, the router's documentation, or the router manufacturers other technical support resources for additional assistance.

Step Action

Make sure you have the following wireless settings:

  • Network name (SSID)
  • Security Mode/Type (WEP, WPA, WPA2) Note: WPA2 is highly recommended.
  • Security key or passphrase. Important! This value is sensitive to capitalization, spaces, symbols and spelling. Improper entry of this value will lead to configuration failure.
  • Optional: Radio channel (1–14) is only useful when manually configuring an older wireless printer or All-In-One.
Exceptions! None or no passphrase is valid if you have an Open or unsecured network. Also, WPS users really only need to know the network name of their network.

If you are unfamiliar with any of the settings above, click here for an article that provides an example procedure. 

Comments and warnings:

  • You will need your configured Username and Password to open your router's web configuration page.
  • Or, you will need the router manufacturer's default Username and Password to open your router's web configuration page.
  • If any setting values have been forgotten, you will have to perform a complete reset of the router(Access Point).
  • If a complete reset of the router (Access Point) is performed, you will need to reconfigure all settings mentioned above.
  • You will have to reconfigure your wireless MAC or PC clients to rejoin your wireless network.
  • You will have to reconfigure the printer to rejoin your wireless network.
 3 Make sure the host computer from which you are performing this procedure is communicating with the access point.


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Microsoft Windows XP,Vista, 7, and 8 Procedure: Lexmark Wireless Setup Utility(WSU) Location


There are two methods to access the Wireless Setup Utility:

  •  can be found in your Program Group list  under Windows logo start icon(Start) > All programs > Lexmark #### Series > Wireless Setup Utility.
  •  or  Printer Home under the Settings tab. NOTE: This application only applies to new products released after 2009.



  1. Launch the Wireless Setup Utility, and then click Continue or OK.

NOTE: If you are asked to connect the USB cable, do so now. Continue or OK will not appear until the computer and software recognizes the printer. Check your USB cable connection.

  1. You will see The printer is searching for wireless networks... 

    NOTE: This search prioritizes results based on signal strength.

  2. Choose your Wireless Network or Choose a Network appears. 

What should I choose? 

Select your your network name and then click Continue.

Selection reference table

If... Then...

You have an older version of the WSU...

Select the Select an available network option, highlight the SSID, and then click Continue.
You have a 2009 or later inkjet or All-In-One printer... Click to highlight the SSID and then click Continue.
You have the 1st generation of the Lexmark wireless inkjet printer... Select the Network name I want to use is in  the list option, highlight the SSID, and then click Continue.

Or, if your network name does not appear, or you see more than one SSID of the same name, then consider the following:

    • Click Back or Refresh to re-scan available networks.
    • Relocate or position the router or access point closer to the computer and printer. NOTE: Too close to the router is also not advised.
    • Click Unlisted Network or Manually enter network information, and then enter the information that you verified under Printer/Network Configuration Requirements.

      CAUTION! If the latter option is considered, it is probable that configuration will fail due to factors such as signal strength or other wireless variables.
  1.  Enter the Network key or passphrase exactly as it appears on the wireless router or access point, and then click Continue.

Selection reference table

If... Then...

You have an older version of the WSU...

You will see Enter the Security Key required by your wireless network. 
You have a 2009 or later inkjet or All-In-One printer... You will see Enter Network Key followed by The "SSID" network requires a "WPA or other" key or passphrase.
You have the 1st generation Lexmark wireless inkjet printer... You will see Select a Security Type (None, WEP, WPA). After selecting the security type, you will click Next, and then enter your network key or passphrase.

  1. You will be presented with a message that says Please Wait, Your printer is connecting to your wireless network.

NOTE: Older products may say, "Configuring the wireless printer adapter and verifying it can access the network."

  1. Upon success, you will be asked to remove the installation cable
  2. Create port and print a test page.

    For Windows XP users, click here for further port configuration instructions.
    For Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 users, click here for further port configuration instructions.

    IMPORTANT! The port name will contain the last six digits of your printer's UAA (MAC) address. 


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Other successful connection identifiers:


  • A Windows Printer test page may print if this is not a replacement printer.
  • A Network Settings page will print
  • The Wi-Fi indicator light will change from to


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Microsoft Windows 7 Comments

Click OK to all notices that require Lexmark software to communicate over the network.

Take special note of .exe files that require firewall exceptions. These applications cannot be blocked by software firewall applications.


  • Lx<xx*>wpss.exe
  • Lx<xx>coms.exe

NOTE: The <xx> value differs by product model; i.e., lxedcoms.exe references the Lexmark S600 Series All-In-One inkjet printers.


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Still unable to print?


Also, consider this short list of other possibilities that may be preventing successful communication with the printer:

  • Printer is offline.
  • Incorrect default printer is selected.
  • Printer is paused.
  • Correct printer is selected, but multiple printer objects exist. HINT: Always check the default printer object's port designation under Properties > Ports.
  • Printer is not Ready.
  • Firewall issue
  • Operating system print spooler issue

Click here if you need further assistance with these topics. Also, contact your Firewall software manufacturer for further assistance.


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Still Need Help? 

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support if you need additional assistance. NOTE: When calling for support, you will be asked for your machine/model type and serial number (SN).
Please call from near the printer, wireless router and computer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of these devices.   


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