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How to Reset the Photoconductor Page Count on a Lexmark E250d or E250dn Printer

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Resetting the photoconductor page count

WARNING! The "84 Replace (PC) Photoconductor" message is posted when the PC unit reaches is maximum usable life. It is important that you install a new PC unit at this time, before you clear the “Replace PC Kit” message. Failure to do so will result in poor print quality and/or damage to the printer.
Follow the steps in the table below to reset the photoconductor (PC) page count. NOTE: The directions in this article are in English. To download a PDF file containing these instructions in several other languages, click here (file size: 725 KB).
Step Action


With the printer powered on, open the front door/cover.




Press and hold the cancel button () until all the lights flash. This indicates that the photoconductor page count has been reset.




Release the button and close the front door/cover.




If this does not clear the PC Life Warning or Replace Photoconductor message, power off the printer and attempt this procedure again from Step 1. If the error remains after two attempts, confirm that:

  • The correct photoconductor unit is installed. The part number on the photoconductor unit should be E250X22G. If it is not, install the correct photoconductor unit into the printer. 
  • The photoconductor unit has not been refurbished by a third party and is not damaged in any way. If the photoconductor unit was refurbished by a third party or appears to be damaged, try replacing it before seeking service on the printer.

If the error message persists, the printer may require service to correct the issue. Contact Lexmark Technical Support for more information.


For directions on how to replace the photoconductor unit/kit, click here.



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