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How to Replace the Pick Rollers (Paper Feed Rollers) on a Lexmark E Series Printer

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How to replace the pick rollers; Replacing the paper feed rollers


Unpacking and preparing the new rollers

You should receive a package containing a pair of feed rollers.
Remove the rollers from the packaging.
Carefully remove the tire tread from each of the plastic hubs.
NOTE: You will notice that the outer surface of the roller is rugged, while the inner surface is smooth. Click here for a close-up picture of the roller.

Click here for a larger image.


Installing the new pick tires

NOTE: If you encounter any problems while performing this procedure or afterwards, please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance. See Still Need Help? at the bottom of this document for information on contacting Lexmark.
  1Power off the printer.N/A
  2Unplug the power cord from the printer.N/A
Open the front cover.
Remove the print cartridge assembly. Set it aside.
  5Close the front cover. N/A
Remove the paper tray.
  7Set the printer up on its back. IMPORTANT! Make sure the printer is on a level surface and that it is steady.N/A
With the printer tipped upwards, find the paper feed arm. Pull down on the paper feed arm.
  9Locate the two paper feed tires, one on each end of the arm.
Remove one of the old tire treads from its hub. IMPORTANT! Do not remove the hub from the shaft.
 11Feel the surface of the new pick tire tread. The outer surface of the roller will feel rougher in one direction than the other.
 12Install the new tire tread so that the rugged surface is on the outside and the rough direction points upward at the front of the roller.
 13Ensure that the tire tread is securely on the hub.
 14Repeat steps 1013 for the other tire tread.
 15Once both tires treads have been replaced, let go of the feed arm.
 16Set the printer back down on its base.
 17Reinstall the paper tray.
 18Reinstall the print cartridge assembly.
 19Plug the power cord in.
Power on the printer.
 21Try printing a few pages to make sure the new rollers are working properly.


Still Need Help?

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance with this issue.
When calling Lexmark Technical Support, please be prepared to describe the problem you are experiencing or the error message on the display. You will also need to provide your printer's model type and serial number. This information can be found on a label on the inside of the front cover of the printer. 
Please call from near the printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving the printer.

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