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How to Navigate the Operator Panel Menus on the Lexmark X9350

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Navigating the control panel menus; How to navigate the operator panel menus; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition; Microsoft Windows Vista


Contents of the main menu

The main menu consists of the following menus:

    • Copy

    • Photo

    • Print Files

    • Fax

    • Scan

    • Setup

    • Maintenance

Navigating the menus

  1. Press   or  repeatedly until the item you want is highlighted.

  2. Press .  The menu corresponding to the previously highlighted item appears. The available menus are:
    Copy Mode
    Photo Card Mode
    Print Files Mode
    Fax Mode
    Scan Mode

    Within each of these menus are menu items or submenus. For instance, the Copy Mode menu has a menu item called Color.
    Within each menu item or submenu, there are choices called values. For instance, the Color menu item has the values Color and Black & White.

  3. To navigate the menus:

    • Press  or  repeatedly to scroll through menu items.

    • Press  or  repeatedly to scroll through values.

    • In some menus, you can press  to see a preview of the job before you start it. (A job could be a print job, copy job, fax job, or scan job.)  The control panel menu screen indicates when you can press  for a preview. If you want to make a change after you see the preview, press   before starting a job to adjust any choices or settings for this particular job. You are returned to the menu so that you can make your changes.

      • For example, if you are in the Copy Mode menu, press  for the preview. Then press  to return to the Copy Mode menu to make additional changes.

    • Press  repeatedly to return to previous menus. NOTE: Pressing  in some submenus, such as the Change Default Settings submenu, causes the values you selected to be saved.

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