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How to Set Up the X9350 using Ad-Hoc Mode (Direct Computer to Printer WiFi Printing)

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How to print directly to the printer; Wireless printing; Ad-hoc setup; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition



Ad-Hoc Mode allows for a connection between two wireless (WiFi) devices without the use of an access point or wireless router. 
Example of Ad-Hoc Mode topology 

When to use Ad-Hoc mode

Possible reasons for using Ad-Hoc mode include:
  • Neither computer or printer are in close enough proximity to a wireless access point.
  • You are experiencing intermittent communication issues with your wireless router caused by interference or distance. 
  • You do not own a router (access point). 

Before you begin 

  • Make sure the printer is turned  ON, and that the WiFi connection light on the printer is  ON.
    NOTE:  The WiFi connection light will go ON after scanning for local WiFi devices is complete.

  • Verify the connection of the temporary wireless configuration cable* between printer and computer.
    NOTE:  Close the last Windows Plug-N-Play  balloon that appears, and cancel out of the Found New Hardware wizard.

  • View or print the printer's default WiFi settings.  Click here for instructions.
    NOTE: The SSID, BSS and Channel values are the most important.  

Included in the box.   
Ad-Hoc Mode setup

  1Insert the installation CD into the drive.
  2Select Network Installation.

Larger View
  3After reading the License Agreement, place a checkmark next to the I Agree statement, then click Next
Larger View
  4Click Next after reading the Firewall Exceptions notification.
Larger View
The installation software will now try to locate the printer. 

Larger View
Illustration A indicates that the printer was located connected to USB002.  Click Setup Wireless.   
Illustration B reveals that the printer was not found.

  1. See Before you begin.

  2. Restart the PC.

  3. Verify that Windows Plug-N-Play sees the printer.

  4. Click Refresh.


Illustration A (Larger View)

Illustration B (Larger View)
The installation software will now locate and identify your PC's wireless configuration settings. The message Gathering Wireless information will appear with a progress bar beneath it.  

Larger View
  8Notice that the default SSID print server appears in the list of available networks.  Click Next.
Larger View
  9Because No Security was detected in the previous step, no security key entry is required.  Click Next.  
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  10A small window will appear with the message Configuring the wireless printer adapter and verifying it can access the network.  Please wait...
Larger View
  11Successful configuration will yield a port name
Larger View
  12One last notification will appear. Select Print Using A Wireless Connection and click Next.
Larger View
  13The message Wireless Setup Successful will display.  Disconnect the wireless configuration cable.  Click Next to install the remaining software.
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Still Need Help? 

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional information.  NOTE:  When calling for support, you will need to know your printer model type and serial number.
Please call from near the printer and computer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of the devices.  



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