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Creating and Organizing Bookmarks Using MVP 11's Bookmark Management Feature

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bookmarks not printing; security pin not working


How to create bookmarks; How to perform pull printing; How to select bookmarks; How to delete bookmarks; Pull printing; Bookmarks


Before You Begin

1.  Verify that the printer is network-accessible and can be found using MarkVision Professional.
2.  Verify that the printer is equipped with an ImageQuick optionHint:  Look for PDF, HTML or Image Menus on the Device or Menu Settings page.
3.  Verify that the file is ImageQuick-compatible.
File formats or file extensions supported by the ImageQuick option are:

    • PDF (up to PDF version 1.5)

    • GIF (GIF87, GIF89)

    • TIF (.tiff) (no JPEG in TIFF)

      • RGB full-color images

      • Palette color images

      • Tiled images

      • Grayscale images (color)

      • LZW  

      • CCITT Group 4 (SP3 or later), CCITT Group 3 2D, CCITT Group 3 1D  

      • Type 2

      • Packbits

      • Uncompressed

    • JPEG (.jpg) (Joint Photographic Experts Group - baseline, progressive)

    • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

    • PCX (Bitonal Color PCX compression) 

    • DCX (Multiple-page PCX) 

    • Static HTML 4.0, no DHTML

    • CSS 1.0

    • Windows BMP

NOTE:  PS2, PS3, PRN and PCL are acceptable bookmark file formats.  These file types originate from PCL and PostScript data streams, which are native printer languages supported by the printer.  
NOTE:  Supported file formats and versions vary based on the printer model or ImageQuick option.  Contact Lexmark Technical support for further information. 

MVP11:  'Bookmark Management' Procedures

Creating a bookmark for the first timesee  'MVP11:  Bookmark Creation'
Saving created bookmarks to file or individual printer(s)see  'MVP11:  Saving bookmarks to File or Printer'
Editing an individual bookmarksee  'MVP11:  Editing bookmarks'
Loading created bookmarks from a saved file or printer into the Bookmark Management Applicationsee  'MVP11:  Loading bookmarks from File or Printer'

MVP11:  Bookmark Creation

NOTE:  Bookmarks can be created in both the MVP server and via MVP client session; however, administrative settings may limit client access.  

(click on Image)
  1Click on Actions (main menu option) or All Tasks, and select Bookmark ManagementImage
Bookmark Management will display a default folder labeled Bookmarks.
If satisfied with this folder name, proceed to Step 4.  Otherwise, click on the folder icon to create a different folder.   
Enter your preferred folder name and optional security PIN#, and click OK.
NOTE:  Not All ImageQuick equipped products support the optional security PIN#.   
  4Select the created folder, and click on the bookmark icon to create a new bookmark. 
Enter your preferred bookmark name, the URL (ftp:, http:, https:) address, optional security PIN#, and click OK. NOTE:  Not all ImageQuick equipped products support the optional security PIN#.
NOTE:  The URL must contain the filename.  Page/finishing attributes are also selectable during this step.  See 'Editing Bookmarks' for an explanation of the options.  
  6A folder and associated bookmark should now be visible.
NOTE: Repeat the procedure for multiple bookmarks. 

NOTE:  Manual bookmark setup is possible on all current products equipped with a touch screen interface.  This excludes the 4036-501 and 4036-304 machine types. 

MVP 11:  Saving Bookmarks to File or Printer

  1Click on the newly created folder or bookmark, and select Save.   Image
  2Select To File or To Printer(s).   Image
1                                      To File1
  3Click Browse, select the destination folder, enter a name for the .pbm file, and click SaveImage
1                                      To Printer(s)1
  4Choose Selected Printers (Steps 5-9) or Selected Folders (Step 10).Image ref. 1
11                                       Selected Printers (5-9)1
Click on the Folders tab or the Quick Find tab.
NOTE:  Click on Quick Find  to find individual printers by host name or IP address.
  6From the Folders view, click on the folder containing the printers requiring bookmark(s).  Image ref. 2
  7Observe the Folder Contents pane being populated with the printers contained in the selected folder.Image ref. 3
Select the appropriate printers requiring bookmarks, and click   .
NOTE:  Hold down Ctrl to select individual printers.
Image ref. 4
  9Verify that all printers requiring bookmarks are visible in the Selected Printers pane, and then click OK. Image ref. 5
1                                     Selected Folders1
  10This option is available if folders have been established and all printers within that folder have ImageQuick capabilities. Image
  11After clicking OK, you will receive a warning indicating that all existing bookmarks will be overwritten.  Click Yes to continue.Image

MVP 11:  Editing Bookmarks

Bookmark page and finishing attributes can be manipulated/changed during bookmark creation (see Step 5 of 'Bookmark Creation'), or by clicking on the already created bookmark, and selecting the MODIFY option.
NOTE:  Any edited bookmarks must be saved again to the printer(s) after this procedure is performed.

Step Action

(click Image)
  1Select the bookmark.Image
  2Click on the Modify icon.
The Bookmarks tab allows you to change any of the following:

  • Bookmark Name

  • URL

  • PIN#

Click OK when finished.
The Page Layout tab allows you to change any of the following:

  • Copies and collation

  • Orientation

  • Duplex

  • Multipage Printing (N-up)

Click OK when finished.
The Paper tab allows you to change any of the following:

  • Paper source

  • Hole punch

  • Staple

  • Output options

  • Offset settings

Click OK when finished.
The HTML/PDF tab allows you to change any of the following:
HTML Properties

  • Font style

  • Font size

  • Scale

  • Margin

  • Print background images

PDF Properties

  • Use printer PDF settings

  • Scale to fit

Click OK when finished.

MVP 11:  Loading Bookmarks

The Load option within Bookmark Manager performs the following functions:

  • Retrieval of bookmark (.pbm) file(s) saved To File

  • Retrieval of bookmarks saved To Printer

  • Provides ability to delete bookmark(s) remotely on specified printers

  • Redirection of retrieved bookmarks to other devices on the network

Retrieval of bookmark (saved to File)
  1Open Bookmark Management, and click Load. Image
  2Select From File, and click Browse.Image
  3Locate and select the bookmark .pbm file, and click Load. Image
  5The file directory path will appear in the Browse dialog box. Click OK.Image
  4The bookmark and its associated folder will appear in the main Bookmark Management view.  Image

Retrieval of bookmark (saved to Printer)
  1Open Bookmark Management, and click Load. Image
Select From Printer(s), and choose between Quick Find or Folders to locate the printer(s) of interest.
This example uses Quick Find.  Enter the Hostname or IP address, and click Find.
  3  Select the printer object, and click OK. Image
  4The bookmark and its associated folder will appear in the main Bookmark Management view.  Image

Deletion of retrieved bookmark from printer
Step ActionIllustration
  1Open Bookmark Management, and click Load. Image
Perform the bookmark retrieval (From Printer) process as outlined directly above.
Select  the individual folder/bookmark, and click the Delete icon/button.
NOTE:  You will receive a deletion warning notice.
  4Repeat the 'Save To Printer' process to eliminate the bookmark from the device.    Image

NOTE:  Redirection of bookmarks will not be discussed in this article; however, redirection of bookmarks is a combination of 'Retrieval of bookmark (saved to Printer or File)' and 'Saving bookmarks to Printer'.  

Additional Articles on Bookmark

The following articles describe how to select your bookmarks from the device's front user interface or operator panel:
  • How to find and select bookmarks using the X644e, X646e, X85Xe, X772e and 4600 scanner products: click Click here.
  • How to select bookmarks using the X642e.  Click here.
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Still Need Help? 

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance.  NOTE:  When calling for support, you will also need to know your printer model type and serial number. 
Please call from near the printer and a PC with MVP access in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of these devices.  





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