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How to Filter Printers by Individual Toner/Ink Level Percentages with MVP 11.0

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Unable to sort devices using the toner level; MVP cannot sort devices based on only one toner level; Cannot sort devices with color toner level


How to sort devices using a specific toner/ink level percentage; How to monitor toner levels; MarkVision Professional (MVP) 11.0; When you are using the Toner/Ink level: percentage value in a folder's filter, MVP looks at all toner/ink levels to see if one of them matches the filter criterion (i.e. less than 10%).   If your color printer reports one of the supplies as matching the filter, MVP will automatically add that printer to the filtered folder. Adding a second criterion, Toner/Ink Level: Name , with an AND condition to the percentage value will not help.


Added Filter Functionality

MarkVision Professional can now allow the sorting by and monitoring of individual color toner cartridge levels.  The Toner Percent plug-in adds the following filter parameters:

    • Toner/Ink Levels (Black):  Percentage

    • Toner/Ink Levels (Cyan):  Percentage

    • Toner/Ink Levels (Magenta):  Percentage

    • Toner/Ink Levels (Yellow):  Percentage

NOTE:  Prior to the availability of this plug-in, the filtering of printers based on individual remaining color toner/ink levels was not possible. 

Install the Toner Percent plug-in

    1. Download the file and unzip it.

    2. Install the plug-in on your MVP server. (For information on how to install MVP plug-ins, click here.)

    3. Reboot your MVP server. (For information on how to restart your MVP server, click here.)

Configure New Filter Options:  Procedure

Step Action
  1 Choose Home from the All tasks menu option.
  2 Select Folder Configuration.
  3 Select a preferred folder or create a new folder.
  4 Name your folder.
  5 Click the Advanced button.
  6 Under Parameter, select one of the new filter values.
  7 Complete selections for Operation and Value (acceptable values: 0-100).
  8 Click Apply to save your folder.

Completed Sample Folder View


Still Need Help?

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance.  NOTE:  When calling for support, you will need to know your printer model type and serial number. 
Please call from near the MVP server/client or printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of these devices.     


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