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How to Configure TCP/IP Settings on the C500n

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Cannot change the IP address


How to configure TCP/IP settings; How to set the IP address; TCP/IP configuration; IP setup; Set IP address; Operator panel configuration


Operator Panel Configuration

Please follow the steps in the three procedures below.

Setting the IP Address:

NOTE:  Make sure the printer is powered on and that the Ready message is showing.  
  1Press .  The light goes off.
  2Press .  The LCD displays NOT READY.
  3Press and hold until you see Utility Menu.
  4Press  once or until Network Menu is displayed.
  5Press to display  .
  6Press  to change it to .
Press  to count down from 255. 
Press  to count up from 0.
  8Press to jump to the next ooctet:
  9Repeat Steps 7 and 8 for the entire IP address. 
Pressto save the address:   
An asterisk (*) at the end of the IP address confirms that the settings are saved.

Subnet Netmask:

NOTE:  The netmask configuration instructions continue from Step 10 of the IP address setup procedure. 
  1Press  to remove the asterisk.
  2Press  to display  .
  3Press to display .
Press   to count down from 255.
Press  to count up from 0. 
  5Press to jump to the next octet:
  6Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the entire netmask address.
Press to save the netmask.
An asterisk (*) at the end of the netmask confirms that the settings are saved.

IP Gateway:

NOTE:  These instructions continue from Step 7 of the Subnet Netmask configuration procedure. 
  1Press  to remove the asterisk.
  2Press  to display .
  3Press to display .
Press  to count down from 256.
Press  to count up from 0. 
  5Press to jump to the next octet:
  6Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the entire gateway address.
  7Press to save the address:
  9Press .  The LCD will display Resetting, Decompressing before the Green Light and Ready status message appear. 

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Please call from near the printer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving the printer.  


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