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How to Set the Email Size Limit on a Multifunction Printer

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Cannot email; Email not sent ; Error sending email; Email size issue


Email Size Limit



It is common for companies to have an email size limitation set on their mail servers. This setting enforces respect of the company’s email size policy.

Issue Description

When the Email Size Limit is set, you may be unable to send some documents.  NOTE:  An email attachment is a larger file than an original file. 


The Email Size Limit is set to 5000 KB.  A 4000 KB file is being emailed.
Step Action
  1Scan the original document into the MFP.
  2The MFP will convert the document from binary data to Base64 Data.  NOTE:  The conversion adds approximately 33% more information to the document. 
  3The Base64 data is sent to the mail server as a 5320 KB file.
  4The mail server rejects the document as it is larger than the Email Size Limit.
  5The MFP receives the document back from the mail server.
  6The MFP will convert the document back to binary data and the user will never see the file size increase.


Make sure the file size of the original document is less than 67% of the Email Size LimitNOTE:  If you are not sure of the Email Size Limit, please
contact your network administrator.

Using the Web page of the MFP: 
  1Go to the Web page of the MFPN/A
  2Click Configuration.
  3Click Email/FTP Settings.
  4Click Email Server Setup.
  5Click Max Email Size.
  6Enter the Max Email Size desired in KB.  NOTE:  A setting of 0 means that no size limit has been set.N/A

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