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Lexmark KnowledgeBase Search Tips & Tricks

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  1. Be sure to select your product before searching to ensure that you receive the most relevant search results.

  2. Please search using complete and concise thoughts to explain what you're looking for.
    Example: "my x4950 color cartridge won't print" will return more specific results than "x4950 cartridge".

  3. You do not need to use the word "Lexmark" in your searches

  4. Only use double quotes (") in your search if you are quoting an exact error message from a printer or phrase from a Lexmark manual or publication.

  5. Do not use special characters other than the following:
    a. Double Quotes (")
    b. Hyphens/Dashes (-)
    c. Periods/Dots (.)
    d. Apostrophes (')
    e. Commas (,)

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