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How to Remove the Color Supplies from a Lexmark C520, C522, C524, C530, C532 and C534

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How to remove the color supplies; How to remove the color toner cartridges; How to remove the color photoconductors; Black-only printing; Infoprint 1534; C524n



When you configure your for black-only printing , it is necessary to remove all the color supplies (i.e. cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges) before printing.  A prompt to Remove All Color Supplies will continue to appear on the printer display until these supplies are removed. 

When configuring your printer for black-only printing:

Do the following to remove the color supplies:

    1. Grasp the handhold.


    2. Open the upper door fully (1 in the image below).  Grasp the handle on the inner door and pull (2) to open both the inner and lower doors.  Gently lower the door as shown to reveal all four photoconductors.


    3. Grasp the knob on the right-hand side of the photoconductor.  Lift up on the knob to release the photoconductor unit, and then lift the photoconductor unit by the handle (H).  All three  color photoconductors (cyan, magenta, yellow) must be removed to allow for black-only printing.
      CAUTION!  Do not touch the shiny metallic surface of the photoconductor.  The photoconductors must be stored in the dark to prevent their being damaged by ambient light while they are outside the printer.


    4. If possible, use the original packaging (a cover sheet and a bag) to protect the photoconductors from ambient light.  You may also use a piece of paper wrapped around each of the units and sealed with tape.  Be careful not to attach tape directly to the metallic drum of the photoconductor.


    5. If possible, store the photoconductors in the box that originally contained the units.  If that packaging is not available, just use an empty paper supplies box.


    6. Close the box to protect the photoconductor units from light exposure.


    7. Grasp the small handles on the yellow toner cartridge as shown below.  Lift up slightly and then pull the toner cartridge straight out.  Remove the magenta and cyan toner cartridges the same way.


    8. Place the toner cartridges in any available box. 

    9. Close the lower door.  This will also close the inner door.


    10. Close the upper door.  The printer will now be ready to print in black-only mode.


    11. When you have finished the black-only printing, configure the printer for color printing and replace the color supplies.

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