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How to Configure the Lexmark C520, C522, C524, C530, C532 or C534 for Black-Only Printing

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How to place the printer in black-only print mode; How to configure the printer for black-only printing; Black-only printing; C524n; Infoprint 1534



There may be times when your color printer will need to print large quantities of black-only documents.  In such cases, it is advisable to place the printer in black-only printing mode and then remove all the color  (i.e. cyan, magenta, yellow) toner cartridges and photoconductors to prevent excessive and unnecessary wear on these items.  The printer will operate properly without these items installed when it is configured for black-only printing.

Set up black-only printing

  1. Enter the printer's configuration menu.

  2. Press   until Black Only Mode appears on the printer display, and then press the  button.

  3. Press  until  On appears on the printer display, and then press the  button. The words Submitting Selection will briefly appear on the printer display.

  4.  Press  until  Exit Config Menu appears on the printer display, and then press .  The words Resetting the Printer appear briefly on the printer display followed by the clock. The message Remove all color supplies then appears.

  5. Remove all the color supplies (toner cartridges and photoconductors)  to complete the black-only printing configuration.

  6.  When you have finished with black-only printing, configure the printer for color printing and replace the color supplies..

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