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How to Set Up Scan to E-mail Shortcuts on the X422

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How to set up Scan to E-mail shortcuts; Accessing e-mail shortcuts


IMPORTANT: Before you can use scan to e-mail shortcuts, you must set up your e-mail server on the X422. Click here for directions.
To set up the e-mail shortcuts:

  1. Go to the web browser of the X422. (For directions on how to do this, click here.)


  2. Click Configuration, as shown. 


  3. Click E-mail/FTP Settings.


  4. Click Manage E-mail Shortcuts.

  5. Fill in the required information on this page and click Add. The shortcut will be stored onto the X422.

To access saved shortcuts:

  1. On the X422 operator panel, press the # key.

  2. Press the shortcut number you assigned to the e-mail address concerned. 

  3. Press the green button to access it.

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