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How to Disable the USB Drive Port with MarkVision Professional 11.0

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How to disable the USB drive port; MarkVision Professional 11.0 (MVP) with Service Pack 1



You can use MVP 11.0 with Service Pack 1 to disable the USB drive port (USB A format) in the front panel of the printer. This will prevent USB devices from being recognized when plugged in.
NOTE:  Disabling the USB drive port will NOT disable the USB connectivity of the printer with computers via the USB port (B format) at the rear of the printer.


  1. Once connected to your MarkVision client, select the device(s) you want to configure. 


  2. Select the General Settings (Printer) tasks (go to Settings, Printer, General Settings).

  3. Scroll down to the end of the page and toggle the USB Status from Enable to Disable.


  4. Apply your change.

  5. Once the USB drive port has been disabled, the printer will display a Port Disabled... message if a USB drive is plugged in.

Additional Information

The USB drive port can be also enabled/disabled using the front panel interface. For more information, click here.
You can download plug-ins and service packs for MarkVision Professional from

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