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How to Reset the Photoconductor Page Count Through the Printer's Configuration Menu

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If using the Cancel () button to reset the photoconductor page count does not work, you can also reset the page count via the printer's Configuration Menu.  Do the following:

  1. Enter the printer's Configuration Menu. To do this:

    1. Turn off the printer.

    2. Open the front cover, as shown below.


    3. Press and hold the Continue () button.

    4. With the front cover open and the Continue button pressed down, power on the printer.

    5. Hold the Continue button until all the lights cycle.

    6. When just the Error  light (!) is displayed, close the front cover. The top four lights of the operator panel should come on, indicating that the printer is in configuration mode.

  2. Print the Configuration Settings page. To do this:

    • Press and hold the Continue () button until all of the lights flash. This page lists the functions within the Configuration Menu. The functions are the non–indented items listed along the left edge of the page (along the bottom as printed from printer). They are also unshaded. 
      Save this page for possible later use.

  3. Reset the photoconductor page count as follows:

    1. Press and release the Cancel button () to move sequentially from one menu item to another. NOTE: If you get lost, you can press and hold the Cancel button to jump to home state (top four lights on).

    2. Press and release the Cancel button until the Toner Low  ()  light is the only light left on.

    3. Press and hold the Continue button until all of the lights flash.

    4. Then release the button. When the Toner Low light is once again the only light left on, the photoconductor page count should be reset to zero.

  4. Return the printer to normal mode. To do this:

    • Power it off for five seconds and then turn it back on.

  5. Print a menu settings page. To do this:

    • When the Ready () light is on, press the Continue button once. The Ready light will begin flashing and one or two pages will print out.

  6. Check the photoconductor reading on the menu settings page. To do this:

    1. Look for a section labeled Cartridge Information and locate the word Photoconductor under that heading.

    2. Confirm that the photoconductor level reading is OK or close to 100%

    3. If the photoconductor reading is low, try printing 10 - 20 pages.

    4. Print the menu settings page(s) again. Confirm that the photoconductor level reading is OK or close to 100%

    5. If the photoconductor reading is still low, refer to the Configuration Settings page you printed in Step 2.

    6. Confirm that Reset Photoconductor Counter is listed on the page. 
      Also confirm that the light sequence for the photoconductor counter is the Toner Low light.  

      • If the light sequence is correct, try repeating this entire procedure again from the beginning to reset the counter once more.  

      • If a different light sequence is listed for the photoconductor counter, repeat the procedure but this time, instead of stopping at the Toner Low light (Step 3.2), press the Cancel button until the operator panel shows the light sequence that corresponds to the one listed on the Configuration Settings page. Continue with the remainder of the procedure as before to reset the counter again.   

    7. If the photoconductor reading is still low after the page reset procedure has been performed twice, the printer may require service. 

For more information about resetting this counter, refer to the instruction sheet that shipped with the new photoconductor kit.

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