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How to Access the Configuration Menu on the Lexmark C920, C520, C522, or C524

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How do I enter the Configuration Menu?


How to access the Configuration Menu; Configuration Menu; C520n; Infoprint 1534



The printer's configuration menu contains several utilities for enhancing or altering the functions of your printer.  NOTE:  While these utilities may be useful, we recommend that you do not alter any settings without a specific need to do so since changes may adversely affect your printer. 

To access the printer's configuration menu:

  1. Power the printer off.

  2. While holding down both the  button and the  button on the printer's operator panel, power the printer back on.

  3. When you see Performing Self Test or the clock graphic on the printer display, release both buttons.

  4. Once the printer has finished warming up, you will be in the configuration menu.  The words Configuration Menu (or possibly Config Menu) should now be on the printer display.

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