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How to Load Paper into the Lexmark C75x, C76x, C77x, C78x 500-Sheet Trays

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How to load the 500-sheet trays; How to load the optional tray; How to place paper in the printer trays; How to load the printer drawers; How to load paper; How to insert media


To load either a standard or an optional 500-sheet media tray, follow the instructions below.

  1. Remove the tray and place it on a flat, level surface.

  2. Squeeze the front guide lever and slide the guide to the front of the tray.


  3. Squeeze the side guide lever and slide the guide to the correct position for the size of paper you are loading.  NOTE: Icons along the back of the tray indicate paper sizes.

  4. Flex the sheets back and forth to loosen them, and then fan them.  Do NOT fold or crease the paper.  Straighten the edges of the stack on a level surface.


  5. Place the paper in the tray as shown, print side down.  Do not load bent or wrinkled paper.

    CAUTION: Do not exceed the maximum stack height (H).  Overfilling the tray may cause jams.

  6. Squeeze the front guide lever and slide the guide until it is firmly touching the stack of paper.


  7. Reinstall the tray.  NOTE:  Make sure the tray is pushed completely into the printer.

  8. If you are loading media of a different type than was previously loaded in the tray, change the Paper Type setting for that tray on the operator panel.

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