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How to Disable the USB Direct Port on the Front Panel of a Lexmark T64x Printer

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How to disable the USB Direct port on the front panel; USB Direct; USB port


To disable the USB Direct port via the printer operator panel, follow the steps below.  NOTE: Completing this procedure will not disable the Standard USB printer port located in the back of the printer.

  1. Access the printer menus by pressing the  button once.

  2. Press the down arrow button  until you see the Network/Ports menu. Then press   to select it.
  3. Press the down arrow button  until you see USB Direct. Press   to select it.
  4. Finally, press the down arrow button  until you see Disable.  Press  .  The words Submitting Selection will appear briefly and the port will be disabled.
  5. Once the printer has returned to the READY state, insert a supported USB JumpDrive into the USB Direct port on the printer.  The message Port Disabled will appear.

If you are having difficulties disabling the port, print out a Menu Settings Page from the printer and verify that the Base Code under Device Information is equal to or greater than LS.ST.P119.  If you need to update the base code, please contact the Lexmark Technical Support Center at 800-LEXMARK to obtain the latest version. NOTE:  Customers outside the US should visit our support Web site at to obtain the contact number for their region.

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