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How to Install MarkVision Professional 11.0 in HP-UX

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How to install MarkVision Professional 11.0; MarkVision Professional 11.0 (MVP); UNIX HP-UX


To install MarkVision Professional 11.0 onto HPUX:

  1. Make sure you are logged on with root user authority.  NOTE:  Non-administrative users will have permission difficulties.

  2. Open a terminal session.

  3. Create a directory called /lexdrive using the following command:
    # mkdir /lexdrive

  4. Open a web browser and go to

  5. Download markvision-pro-hpux11.pkg.gz into the /lexdrive directory.

  6. Extract the package file # /usr/contrib/bin/gunzip /lexdrive/markvision-pro-hpux11.pkg.gz.

  7. Type sam to start the System Administration Manager.

  8. In the SAM screen that appears, click Software Management.

  9. Click Install Software to Local Host. The SD Install-Software Selection screen and Specify Source dialog appear.

    If these dialogs do not appear, go to the Actions menu and click Change Source to open the Specify Source dialog.

  10. Make sure the host name of the computer you are installing MVP on appears in the Host Name text box. If not, type in the host name or select it from the list.

  11. In the Source Depot Path field, enter the full path to the HP-UX package file:

  12. Make sure Change Software View is set to All Bundles.

    If not, do the following:

    1. Click Change Software View.

    2. In the Software View screen, click All Bundles and then click OK.

  13. In the Specify Source screen, click OK.

  14. Select the bundles you want to install. You can mark the packages to install all the MarkVision packages at once, or to install individual packages.

    • To install all the MarkVision packages at once:

      1. Click the MarkVisionPro bundle.

      2. Go to the Actions menu and select Mark for Install. This marks all the MarkVision Professional packages for installation.

      3. Skip to step 15.

    • To install individual packages:

      1. Double-click the MarkVisionPro bundle. The server and client packages are displayed.

      2. Double-click each package bundle to view its contents.

      3. Click each package that you want to install, and then go to the Actions menu and select Mark for Install.  A Yes appears beside each package that you have selected to install.

  15. Go to the Actions menu and select Install (analysis).

  16. Click OK. A confirmation message appears.

  17. Click Yes to start the installation. NOTE: If the HOME variable was not set for root when you started SAM, an error message appears. Ignore the message and click OK.

  18. During the installation, select Logfile to view the installation log.  NOTE:  In the case of errors, restart the installation process.  If this does not resolve the issue, please contact the Lexmark Technical Support Center at 800-LEXMARK.

  19. When the installation is finished, select Done to return to the SD Install-Software Selection screen.

  20. Click File, Exit to return to the Software Management screen.

  21. Enter the following in the command line and answer any questions that may appear:
    # /opt/lexmark/setup.mvjserver
    This file will set up the MarkVision Server users for use with the MarkVision Professional server.

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