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How to Install MarkVision Professional 11.0 in Solaris SPARC

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How to install MVP 11.0; MarkVision Professional 11.0 (MVP); UNIX Sun Solaris SPARC


To install MarkVision Professional 11.0 onto Solaris SPARC, do the following:

  1. Make sure you are logged on with root user authority.  NOTE:  Non-administrative users will have permission difficulties.
  2. Open a terminal session.
  3. Create a directory called /lexdrive using the following command:
    # mkdir /lexdrive
  4. Open a web browser and go to
  5. Download markvision-pro-solaris2-sparc.pkg into the /lexdrive directory.
  6. Start the package installation program:

    # pkgadd -d /lexdrive/markvision-pro-solaris2-sparc.pkg

  7. When a list of available packages appears, choose one of the following options:

    • To install all the packages, type all and then press ENTER.

    • To install individual packages only, type the package numbers separating them by a comma (for example: 1,2,3) and then press ENTER.

  8. Proceed by answering the prompts that appear on the screen as follows:

    • To accept the defaults, press ENTER.

    • To answer yes/no questions, type y, n, or ?, and then press ENTER.

    • When a message appears telling you the installation was successful, type q to quit.

  9. Enter the following in the command line and answer any questions that may appear:
    # /opt/lexmark/setup.mvjserver
    This file will set up the MarkVision Server users for use with the MarkVision Professional server.

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