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How to Obtain the Secondary Crash Codes on the Lexmark C920, C52x, T64x, or W840

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Error: "900 Service RIP"


How to obtain the secondary crash codes; Paper Jams; Secondary codes; Crash codes



The secondary (or "crash") codes provide useful diagnostic information whenever the printer is posting either a 900 Service RIP Error or a Paper Jam Error.  As this information gives a more detailed explanation of the cause of this particular logic error, it should be forwarded to Lexmark Technical Support when the error is being diagnosed. 

To obtain the secondary codes:

  1. While the 900 Service RIP error message is displayed on the operator panel, press first the  button and then the  button so that they are both held down at the same time.  This allows the first screenful of code information to appear.

  2. Press the  button to view any additional code information. 

  3.  Use the  button to scroll through information that is too large to fit on the printer display.  NOTE:  Even though the secondary codes are sometimes very large, it is important to document all information for analysis.

Still have questions? 

Contact Lexmark Technical Support or your next level of support for help with interpreting these codes.

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