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How to Install a Hard Disk/Hard Drive Option on the Lexmark W840

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How to install an internal hard drive; How to install a hard disk


You can customize the printer's memory capacity and job storage capability by adding a hard disk option. To install an additional hard disk option on the printer, follow the instructions below.
NOTE: You can have no more than one hard disk at a time installed on the printer.

Installing a hard disk
NOTE: You will need a small Phillips screwdriver to attach the hard disk to the mounting plate.

  1. If you are installing a hard disk option some time after setting up the printer, turn the printer off first.  It is also recommended that you unplug the power cord before continuing. 

  2. In order to install the card, you must first remove the system board access panel. Click here for directions. 

  3. Once you have access to the system board, use the illustration below to locate the hard disk connector.


  4. Remove the mounting plate, hard disk, ribbon cable, and attachment screws from the package.

  5. Align the ribbon cable connector with the connector pins on the hard disk.

  6. Attach the ribbon cable (B)  to the hard disk (A).


  7. Align the screw holes on the mounting plate with the holes in the hard disk.

  8. Secure the mounting plate to the hard disk with the screws.


  9. Press the ribbon cable connector into the connector on the system board.


  10. Press the three posts on the mounting plate into the holes on the system board. The hard disk should snap into place.


  11. After you have installed the hard disk, reattach the system board access panel. Click here for directions. 

  12. If you unplugged the printer, plug the printer power cord back in and power the printer back on.  

  13. To make sure the printer is correctly reading the hard disk, print a menu settings page.  Click here for directions on how to do this.

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