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How to Install an Extra Flash Memory Card or Firmware Card on the Lexmark W840

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How to install firmware cards; How to install flash memory; How to install the Bar Code card; How to install the Prescribe Emulation card; How to install the PrintCrypton card; How to install the IPDS and SCS/TNe card; How to install the Forms card; How much flash memory can be added to the printer?


The printer has two application solution ports located on its system board. Up to one firmware card and one flash memory card can be installed into these two ports. NOTE: 32MB and 64MB are the only two sizes/capacities of flash memory that this printer supports.
IMPORTANT!  Even though there are two ports available for flash memory, you can have no more than one flash memory card installed at a time on the printer. This also applies to firmware cards - only one type of firmware card can be installed on the printer at a time. 
It does not matter which port you use for the flash memory card and which port you use for the firmware card. In addition, if you have just one card installed, you do not need to use one port before the other. Either port will do.
Many cards are considered firmware cards. Examples include the Lexmark W840 Bar Code Card, the Lexmark W840 Card for IPDS and SCS/TNe, the Lexmark W840 Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation, the Lexmark W840 Forms Card, and the Lexmark W840 PrintCryption Card. NOTE: Flash memory and firmware cards designed for other Lexmark printer models may not work with this printer.
The instructions below will help you to install an additional flash memory card or a firmware card on the printer.
Installing a flash memory card or a firmware card
CAUTION:  If you are installing flash memory or firmware cards some time after setting up the printer, turn the printer off.  It is also recommended that you unplug the power cord before continuing.

  1. In order to install the card, you must first remove the system board access panel. Click here for directions. 

  2. Once you have access to the system board, use the illustration below to locate the two flash memory and firmware card connections (labeled "A" and "B") on the board. 


  3. Unpack the flash memory or firmware card. WARNING!  Flash memory and firmware cards are easily damaged by static electricity. Touch something metal such as the printer frame before you touch the card.

  4. Holding the flash memory or firmware card by the locking clips, align the plastic pins on the card with the holes on the system board.

  5. Push the flash memory or firmware card firmly into place, and release the locking clips. The entire length of the connector on the flash memory or firmware card must touch the system board and be locked into the connector. CAUTION: Be careful not to damage the connectors.

  6. After you have installed the card(s) onto the printer system board, reattach the access panel. Click here for directions.

  7. If you unplugged the printer, plug the printer power cord back in and power the printer back on.

  8. To make sure the printer is correctly reading the newly installed options, print off a menu settings page. Click here for directions.

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