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How to Install Plug-ins in MVP

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How to install plug-ins in MVP; MarkVision Professional (MVP); MVP uses plug-ins to add support for new devices or to add new features to the tool.


Note: In order to have the Software Update (Manage Plugins) option in the MarkVision menu, you must have the Software Update (Manage Plugins) privilege.
To install a plug-in, follow the steps below. (In this example, support is added for a new printer.)

  1. From the MarkVision client, open the MarkVision menu and select Software Update (Manage Plugins).

  2. Click the Install New button.


  3. From the window that opens, select the plug-in you want to install (the extension for these plug-ins is .mvp). A warning message will inform you that you may need to restart the MVP server in order to activate the plugin.


  4. Accept by clicking Yes. The plug-in file will be copied on the server by the MVP client and installed automatically.  A warning message confirming that the plugin was installed will appear.


  5. Click OK. Once installed, the plug-in will be listed in the Software Update screen.


  6.  Restart your MarkVision server manually. Please consult this article for instructions.


Plug-ins for MVP can be found on the MVP Web site.

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