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MVP Not Using Time and Date Format from the Windows Regional Settings

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Time and date not displayed correctly; Time and date displayed in US format; MVP is not using time and date formats from the Windows regional settings


MarkVision Professional (MVP) 10.2; MarkVision Professional (MVP) 10.1; Microsoft Windows NT 4; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows NT4 server; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows Server 2003


What you will see

In MarkVision Professional the time and the date are displayed in the US format.
Date:   mm/dd/yyyy (where mm is the month, dd is the day, and yyyy represents the year)
Time:   hh:mm AM/PM (where hh is the hour, mm is the minute, AM is used for the morning, and PM for the afternoon)


MarkVision Professional  is based on a Java virtual machine and does not read the regional settings from Windows.  It always uses the US format for time and date display. 

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