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How to Print on Banner or Custom Size Paper

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How to print on banner or custom size paper; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows Server 2003; Banner paper size = 11.7" x 36"


The C912 supports banner printing on 11.7"x36" paper. The Multi-Purpose Feeder must be used, and configured for Universal Paper Size. Only one sheet of paper can be fed at a time. Please follow the steps below.
Step 1 -  Custom Form Size Creation under Windows
This step creates a custom size that is available on the system for all installed printers that can support this size.

  1. Go to Start, Settings (or Printers and Faxes), Printers.

  2. Right click in an open area of the screen to call up the pop-up menu.

  3. Select <Server Properties>.

  4. Select the <Forms> tab.

  5. Enable <Create a New Form>.

  6. Type a Description Name on <Form Description>, for example: Banner C912.

  7. Enter the Measurements information required:

    • Units: Select either English (for inches) or Metric.

    • Paper Size: Set Width = 11.7in and Height = 36.00in (or required paper size).

  8. Select <Save Form> when finished.

  9. Close the window.

Step 2 -  Custom Configuration on the C912 printer
This operation can be performed from the front panel of the printer or from a web browser.

  1. Go to Menu>, Paper Menu, Paper Size, MP Feeder Size.

  2. Set this to UNIVERSAL and press Select to save the change.

  3. Go back to Menu>, Paper Menu.

  4. This time select Paper Type, MP Feeder Type, choose PLAIN PAPER and press Select to save the change.

  5. Finally, go to Menu>, Paper Menu, Universal Setup and press Select. Since the host will send a custom form (11.7"x36"), the Universal Size must also be set to the right paper size as follows:

    • Portrait Width must be set to 11.7 inches.

    • Portrait Height must be set to 36 inches.

  6. Press Select to save the values.

Step 3 -  Custom Form Selection from a Windows application
You must select a form size using your application's Page Setup command (or equivalent). If a predefined form is not available, you will need to create a custom form size to match the banner print size (approx. 11"x 35.5"). Within your application, take these steps:

  1. When you are ready to print, select the Lexmark C912.

  2. Click on Properties to open Printing Preferences.

  3. As your Form Type, select <Banner C912>.

  4. As your Form Source, select <MP Feeder>.

  5. Click on Apply and then OK to start printing.


11.7"x36" printing is not supported in Windows NT4.0 or Windows 9x/Me with Custom PCL drivers. It is supported with the Custom PS driver.

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