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How to Discover Individual or Small Groups of Devices with MarkVision Professional

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How to discover individual or small groups of devices with MarkVision Professional; MarkVision Professional 10.1; Microsoft Windows 95; Microsoft Windows 98; Microsoft Windows Me; Microsoft Windows NT 4; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows NT4 server; Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows Server 2003; HP-UX 11.0; UNIX Sun Solaris 2.x; UNIX Sun Solaris 7; UNIX Sun Solaris 8; UNIX Sun Solaris 9; AIX 4.3.x; RedHat Linux 7.x; RedHat Linux 8.x; SuSe 8.x; SuSe 7.x


MarkVision Professional lets you search your network for devices such as printers and print servers. You can then schedule and configure the discoveries to suit your needs. Once devices have been "discovered", their locations are stored on the MarkVision server. By default, they populate the All Devices folder.
To discover devices, you can:

Create a profile (or profiles) for the devices you want to discover. For details, click here.
Discover individual devices or small groups of devices. Please refer to the instructions below.

You may want to discover some devices without creating a profile. In these situations, you can use the Add Devices task to discover individual or small groups of devices.
To use the Add Devices task:

  1. Select Add Devices from the All Tasks menu (or go to MarkVision, Device Discovery, Add Devices on the MVP home screen).

  2. From the list of existing devices on the screen, select a device or devices, or click Add to enter a new device address.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Click Start to begin the discovery. Note: You can also click the Exclude tab to select devices (from an existing profile) that you do not want to include in the discovery.

  5. Click the Advanced tab to reset the additional discovery settings.

    You can save any new groups of devices that you establish with the Add Devices task as a new discovery profile by clicking Save as Profile.

Device discovery results
After you have performed a device discovery, you can view the discovery results as follows:

  1. Go to MarkVision Device, Discovery Device, Discovery ResultsNote: You can filter the results both by date and device discovery profile.

  2. When the Dialog Discovery Results screen appears, enter the run date when the discovery was performed, and select the discovery profile. The discovery results contain a header, a range of discoveries, and a summary listing of the devices not found.

Removing devices from the server
If there are any devices you no longer want to associate with your network and that you do not want to include in any subsequent discoveries, you can remove them from the server's list of managed devices with the Remove Devices task.

  1. On the All Tasks menu, go to Remove Devices (Advanced).

  2. To remove devices from the MarkVision Server, browse the existing device folders or use the Quick Find feature to locate the devices you want to remove.

  3. When you have selected all the appropriate devices, click the Remove icon on the MarkVision taskbar. The selected devices are removed from the MarkVision server.

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