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How to Enable Account Tracking on the PostScript Driver

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How to enable Account Tracking on the PostScript driver; Optra family; Microsoft Windows 95; Microsoft Windows 98; Microsoft Windows Me; Microsoft Windows NT 4; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows NT4 server; Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows Server 2003


The Account Tracking option lets you track print jobs for accounting purposes. You enter an account number each time you send a print job to the printer. When the job prints, the driver sends information such as the date, time, and number of pages to MarkVision.  MarkVision then writes the print job information to a job statistics file. Note: This function may not work with programs that generate their own PostScript. 
For the most recent version of MarkVision Professional, click here and choose your product.
For the User's Guide (also known as the White Paper*) on MarkVision Professional, click here.
Note: Before you begin using account tracking, you should plan and document the account numbers you want to use. Account numbers can be up to 16 digits in length. 
To enable account tracking on your printer:

  1. Select the PostScript tab.

  2. Select Enable Account Tracking.

  3. Click OK. The next time you send a job to the printer, you will be prompted for the account number of the current print job.

How to use account tracking:

  1. Send your job to the printer.

  2. When prompted, enter the account number of the job, or select a number from the Enter Account Number pull-down list. Note: The Enter Account Number list contains the most recently used account numbers, not a database of valid account numbers. If your account number is not already in the list, enter it.

  3. Click Continue Printing. The job is sent to the printer. 

*We no longer have a White Paper for MVP.  This information has been incorporated into the User's Guide.


If you are using the PCL driver, click here.

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