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How to Set Up the MFP to Print a Scanned Copy from Another Printer

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How to set up the MFP to print a scanned copy from another printer
; How to set up the MFP to create a remote copy


If you want to set up your MFP to create a remote copy, i.e. to scan on the local MFP scanner but send the copy to print on another networked printer, follow the instructions below. Note: This function is only supported on Lexmark printers.

  1. Create a Scan to FTP shortcut using the MFP's web page. To do this, enter the following in the address bar of your web browser:
    where <IPaddress.of.your.MFP> is the actual TCP/IP address assigned to your MFP device.

  2. Once inside the web page, answer YES to any prompts to install or trust content from Lexmark. The Java applet will run.

  3. Go to Configuration, Manage Destinations, Scan to FTP Destinations.

  4. In the page that appears, specify the IP address of the remote printer and the PS file type. Note: The "remote copy" function does not transfer functions or color tables tuned for the destination printer, so the copy quality MAY NOT be as good as that of a copy printed on the locally attached printer.

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