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How to Change the MarkVision Professional Webserver Port

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Cannot use the default port 9180


How to change the MarkVision Professional Webserver port; MarkVision Professional Webserver


Edit the server.xml file to change the default value as follows: 

  1. Locate the server.xml file under <drive:\installation_path>\Lexmark\MarkVision Server\www\conf\.
    (Note: The typical path to the file is c:\program files\lexmark\markvision server\www\conf\server.xml.)

  2. Use Notepad or a text editor to open the file. Important: Do NOT use Microsoft Word or a text processor as you will need to store the file as plain ASCII text.

  3. Search for the variable Http10Connector, (which you should find at about line 186 in the standard file):
    <Http10Connector        port="9180"
                                      minSpareThreads="10" />

  4. Change the default port from 9180 to a port number allowed by your environment.

  5. Restart the MVP Webserver to activate this change.

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