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How to Install a Lexmark Z600 Series Printer via the Add Printer Wizard in Windows 98/Me

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How to install a Lexmark Z600 Series printer via the Add Printer wizard; Microsoft Windows 98; Microsoft Windows Me


To install the Lexmark Z600 series using the Add Printer wizard, do the following:

  1. Go to Start, Settings, Printers.

  2. Double-click on Add Printer and then press Next.

  3. Select Local Printer and then press Next.

  4. Click the Have Disk button.

  5. When the Install From Disk screen appears, click Browse.

  6. From the Drives: section, select the CD-Rom drive (e.g., D:). 

  7. Below File Name:, look for lxbcusb.inf, select this file and click OK.

  8. Click OK in the next screen. When the name Lexmark Z600 Series is displayed, click Next.

  9. Select the Port (Usb00x Virtual Printer Port if the printer has already been connected) and press Next.
    Note: If no USB port is available, select the LPT1 port. You can change the port in the Printer Properties when the installation is complete.

  10. Leave the name as Lexmark Z600 Series and choose whether you want the printer to be the Default or not.

  11. Click on Finish.  The printer files will then start to copy from the CD. 

  12. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing the printer.

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