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Example 'Print Server Setup Page' for The S and Pro Series Inkjet Printers

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This article displays a sample of the wired-network values as seen under Reports > Network Settings Page via the printer's embedded web server. 

  • Lexmark S 31x, 41x and 51x Series
  • Lexmark Pro 71x and 91x Series
  • Lexmark Pro 4000 Series
  • Lexmark Pro 5000 Series

An x denotes any number within a given printer model series.

NOTE: This article is designed for sample purposes only. Not all printers have a Ethernet port, so this page may look slightly different if you are connected to a WLAN.

Wireless Local Area Network.



Ethernet 10/100 (Wired Connection)

Standard Network Card  
 Status:  Connected
 Speed, Duplex:  100 Mbps, Full Duplex (Auto)
 Current Date and Time:  8/23/2011 19:56
 End-of-Job Timeout:  90
 UAA (MAC):  0021B702215F
 Firmware Version:  FHN.RB.P1.110815
 Network Compile Info:  pkg-bld, strrbl
 Wireless Radio:  Off
Integrated Network Option Settings  
 Printer Type:  Lexmark Pro5000 Series

 Active:  On
 Enable DHCP:  On
 Enable AutoIP:  Yes
 Address Source:  DHCP
 IP Address:  (Your Printer IP Address)
 DHCP Lease Time (Seconds):  259200
 Remaining Lease (Seconds):  220622
 Fully Qualified Domain Name:
 WINS Status:  Registered
 WINS Server:
 DHCP Server:
 DNS Server Address:
 Backup DNS Server Address:
 Zero Configuration Name:  Lexmark Pro5000 Series (7)
 Active:  On
 Fully Qualified Domain Name:
 DHCPv6:  On
 IPv6 Address Source:  Automatic
 IPv6 Address:  fe80::221:b7ff:fe02:215f
 Active:  Yes
AirPrint is a trademark of Apple Inc.  
 Active:  Yes
 Name:  ET0021B702215F Lexmark Pro5000 
 Type:  LaserWriter
 Zone:  *
 Address:  65313.95



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