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MVP 11.2.1: Application and Device Firmware Limitations Regarding Device Policy for Association of Internal Accounts, Groups, and User IDs

Document ID:FA719

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Via device policy, you are unable to define a group of internal accounts within the available building blocks. Morever, the available building blocks will not allow you to define to which group a user belongs to.

The policy should be able to get a list of all groups defined within the policy, and apply the group selection to each of the users.


This feature is not available through the device policy but through the settings page.


In order to understand this you would have to understand the following:

  • -The settings page, being a device-specific function, can query the device and know the id of each group name.
  • -However, it is impossible for MVP to know the internal id used by the device for a group name because the device policy is a device independent component of MVP.
  • -The feature can only be provided if there is an API on the device that can process a request to create internal account with the group name being passed as a parameter instead of the group's id.
  • -The printer firmware versions do not support this and hence the support was not provided in MVP through the device policy.


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