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Common Questions Regarding Scan to Network and the Bar Code Solution

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Scan to Network compatibility; Bar code; Active directory compatibility with homeDirectory LDAP setup; UNC limitations; DFS limitations; Distributed file system; How to obtain premium version of the SNF


NOTE: This article applies to solutions enabled devices only and my not apply to your device. 


The questions below pertain to Scan to Network and Bar Code Discovery software solutions. 

Common "Scan to Network" Solution Questions


  1. Is Scan to Network a Microsoft Windows-only application?

Answer: Yes, if you are using a network shared folder via SMB protocol. FTP configurations will include other operating system environments. For the latest information regarding operating system compatibility, please consult the README file included with the application download file. Or, click here to locate the latest Knowledgebase version of this file. 

  1. Can you use the Active Directory(AD) attribute of "homeDirectory" to map the directory in Scan to Network?

Answer: Yes.

  1. Are there limitations to the length of the share path or depth of the shared file directory structure?

Answer: No. The only limit is one imposed by the target operating system.

  1. How does the customer purchase the Premium version of Scan to Network?

Answer: Because the application requires licensing, large-account customers can obtain this licensed upgrade via your Lexmark sales team or system engineering teams. All other inquires regarding the purchase of Scan to Network Premium must be made through dealer partners, or by contact Lexmark for more information.

  1. Is there a document that lists out the additional features to the Premium version of Scan to Network?

Answer: Yes. Click here for a Knowledgebase article that highlights most of the differences.

  1. Does Scan to Network have support for Distributed File Shares (DFS)?

Answer: Currently, only the following DFS environments are supported (additional support is being considered).

The following Microsoft Windows Server 2003 configurations are supported.

  • - Stand-alone Distributed File System (DFS)
  • - Domain-based DFS
  • - Domain-based DFS with one child domain used for authentication




Common "Bar Code Discovery" Solution Questions


  1. Is "Bar Code Discovery" part of the Scan to Network application?

Answer: Bar Code Discovery is another application entirely unto itself. It is not "included" with Scan to Network Folder.

  1. After you create a bar code template using Bar Code Discovery, can the template be loaded to other Scan to Network installs from MVP?

Answer: Yes, but only for SNF versions 3.1.0 and above. For this to work, you have to install "Bar Code Discovery's" read component software on the device and create a template.
Afterwards, you will export the SNF settings (UCF file), and then use MVP to push that file down to any other devices that you wish to have the template data.




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