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MarkVision Professional (MVP) & MarkVision Enterprise (MVE) Topic Table of Contents

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Device policy is not working; Instability with Scheduled Events; Multiple Duplicate Administrative Settings; CSV File will Not Display; MFP Image Is Not Visible; Misrouted Messenger Action E-mails; MVP ERROR, The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request; Unresponsive Device After Installation of MVP 11 Plug-In for C500n; Unable to Force the Bit Depth for Non-Color Mixed Mode Scans; Italian MVP 11 Generating Errors; Unable to Discover Device Unable to Send UCF File; Character Encoding Issues; MVP failure; MarkVision Professional issue; Troubleshooting; Community name not able to filter; MVE issues; Security policy problems; Generating printer reports; MVP10.x; MVP 11.x; MVP; Device Policy; Task; Scheduled Task;



This document provides an accumulated list of the MarkVision Professional (MVP) and MarkVision Enterprise (MVE) related KnowledgeBase articles.

MarkVision Enterprise

MVP legacy

MVP is no longer officially supported by Lexmark. Consider the installation of MVE to receive any future product support.



MarkVision Enterprise



Topic Article Link
Unable to Complete Scheduled MVE Firmware Policy Enforcement SO7560
Markvision Enterprise: Slow Performance or Various Tasks May Fail Due to Unreasonable Actions SO7529

HTTP Status 404’ Error Displays After Upgrading MVE

Device Discovery Issue & MarkVision Enterprise Requirements SO6820

Lexmark MS610 – Unable to Clone Security Policy Using MarkVision Enterprise (MVE) 1.8.2


Generating Printer Reports Does Not Show Printer Hostnames on MVE 1.8.2



How tos

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Legacy MVP 10 & 11 topics below

MarkVision Professional 11.x (11, 11.1, 11.2)


  • The latest articles are located at the top of the list.
  • The latest version of MVP will often include many performance improvements.
  • Use Control+F or Command+F (Macintosh) to search key words in this table of contents.

Topic Article Link
MVP 11.2.1: The Advanced Filter 'TCP/IP: Community Name' Not Able to Filter New Model Devices (July '10) SO5458
MVP 11.2.1: Unable to Add Multiple E-mail addresses Using the E-mail Destinations Task (July '10) SO5459
MVP 11.2.1: Heavy Use of a Security Firewall Will Prevent MVP Communication (July '10) FA730
MVP 11.2.1: Application and Device Firmware Limitations Regarding Device Policy for Association of Internal Accounts, Groups, and User IDs (July '10) FA719
11.2.1: The 'Custom View' Option Is Not Displaying Current 'Real-Time' Status or Operator Panel Alerts (June '10) SO5408
MarkVision Professional 11.1 and 11.2 Performance Improvement and Upgrade Tips (06-2010) HO3640
MVP 11.2.1: Not Able to Apply Multi-Purpose Feeder (MPF) Type or Size and Fax Output Bin Settings (June '10) SO5409
The 'Supplies Percentage' Device Filter Is Not Showing the Correct Values for the 'Hole Punch' and 'Toner Level' Values (June '10) SO5363
MVP 11.2: Security Templates on the Printer Will Prevent Remote Device Management (May '10) SO5260
MVP 11.2: Possible Interval Setting Changes to Alleviate MVP Performance and System Performance Issues (May '10) SO5267
MVP 11.2.1: Performance Issue with Printer Inventory 'Job Statistics' and Larger ODBC Database File Sizes (May '10) SO5279
MarkVision Professional Cannot Set Password on the E260, X364, C54x, and X54x Series Printers (May '10) SO5286
MVP 11.2.1: Supplies Levels Do Not Display for the C912 Color Laser Printer (May '10) SO5289
MVP 11.2: LDAP Authentication Fails for MVP User Accounts (May '10) SO5291
MVP 11.2: Job Statistics Table Reports Multiple (Duplicate) Columns for Individual Jobs (May '10) SO5290
MVP 11.2: Inability to Adjust Print Darkness and Toner Saver and Dependency on Toner Darkness Setting SO5177
MarkVision Professional 11.1/11.2: Device Discovery Is Failing SO5115
MVP 11: "Restricted Server" Device Policy Is Not Working with Older Printers/MFPs SO5076
MVP 11: Instability with Scheduled Events, Alerts, Discovery, Device Policy tasks and Other MarkVision Functionality SO5061
MVP 11: Multiple Duplicate Administrative Settings are Visible SO5068
MVP 11: Custom Table Export CSV File will Not Display Correctly SO5067
Printer or MFP Image Is Not Visible Within a Certain Version of MVP 11.2 SO4758
MVP 11.2:  Fleet Security Setting Configuration: Additional 'Security Menu at the Device' and 'Security Menu Remotely' Backup/Master Password Implementation HO3504
MVP 11.2: Plug-in for Lexmark X26x, X36x, X46x MFP and Release Note Information SO4853
Misrouted Messenger Action E-mails in MarkVision Professional 11.1; Change in SMTP Server Address SO4175
Message 'Export Error, Error Occurred during the export settings' Displayed When Exporting Server Settings Using MVP 11.1 SO4248
MVP 11.1 Message, "MVP ERROR, The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request." SO4247
Unresponsive Device After Installation of MVP 11 Plug-In for C500n; Device Discovery Before Plug-in Installation and Reset Procedure SO4188
MVP 11: Unable to Force the 'Bit Depth for Non-Color Mixed Mode Scans' Setting Using a Device Policy SO3004
Italian MVP 11 Generating Errors when Creating Actions in Messenger SO3604
MVP 11.0: Unable to Discover Device Using its Fully Qualified Domain Name with QuickFind SO3137
Unable to Send UCF File to Printer from MarkVision Professional 11.0 HO2345
Limited Operator Panel Functionality with New Generation Lexmark Products Using MVP 11 FA587
Error Connecting to Localhost with MarkVision Web Client HO852
MVP 11's Printing Permissions Feature Is Preventing Color Output SO3624
MVP 11.1 Plug-in for Lexmark 258X and 259X Series Dot Matrix Printers; A Brief Overview of Features & Limitations Document ID:RE100 RE100
Italian MVP 11 Generating Errors when Creating Actions in Messenger SO3604
MVP 11.0: Deleted Actions are Still Sending E-mails SO3554
MVP 11.0: Invalid EHLO Header Format when MarkVision Messenger is used with SMTP Server SO3553
Names and Types of Supplies Are Mixed Up in the MVP 11 Supply Level Utility SO3002
MVP 11.0 Requesting Device Password on Non-Password Protected Devices SO3420
MVP 11: Status Ping Fails and Yields a "Not Communicating" Message SO3652
Conformance Check Failing with MVP 11 SO3537
MVP 11.0: Server Settings Import Takes a Long Time to Accomplish SO3423
Adjustment of Daylight Savings Time Not Possible in MVP 11.0 SO3552
MVP 11.0: Devices Are Deleted During Server Restart SO3326
MVP 11.0: Troubleshooting Character Encoding Issues SO3422
IPDS and SCS/Tne Emulation Name Filtering Issues with MVP 11.0 SO3338
Devices Listed Several Times in MVP 11.0 SO3555
How to Disable the USB Drive Port with MarkVision Professional 11.0 HO2544
MVP 11.0: Unable to See the Lexmark C920 Picture When the Front Cover is Opened SO3250
MVP 11.0: Unable to Obtain Color and Mono Page Counts FA541
Encoding Issues with MVP Messenger 11.0 SO2986
MarkVision Professional 11.0 Is Unable to Find a Network Device SO2928
Forgot Password in MarkVision Professional 11.0 SO2929
Error Reading Account in MarkVision Professional 11.0 SO2930
General or "How to" Related Article Content
Creating and Organizing Bookmarks Using MVP 11's Bookmark Management Feature HO3029
How to Install MarkVision Professional 11.0 in Solaris SPARC HO2341
How to Install MarkVision Professional 11.0 in RedHat or SuSE Linux HO2342
How to Filter Printers by Individual Toner/Ink Level Percentages with MVP 11.0 HO2895
How to Install MarkVision Professional 11.0 in AIX HO2343
How to Install MarkVision Professional 11.0 in HP-UX HO2344
How to Raise Memory Usage Limits in MVP 11 HO2545
How to Back Up MarkVision Professional 11.1 HO3260
How to Administer Security Settings to a Fleet of Devices Using MVP 11.2 HO3491
How to Track the Fax Status of a Multifunction Device with MVP 11.1 HO3218
MVP 11.1: Plug-in Installation for X4600, X64x, X85x, X94x Series Products SO3421
MVP 11.0: How to Sort Devices Using a Specific Toner/Ink Capacity HO2643
How to Update Firmware via 'Generic File Download' in MarkVision Professional 11.x HO3471


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Legacy MarkVision Professional Version 10

A majority of MVP 10 issues are resolved by updating to the latest version of MVP 11.

The articles below provide:  

  • A comprehensive collection of articles authored for MVP 10.
  • A solution resource since MVP 10 is no longer officially supported.
  • Functionality reference since older versions of MVP 10 share several basic functionality characteristics with MVP 11.

Topic Article Link
MVP 10.2: The Device Name Field is Not Present in the Secure Fax Settings and Faxserver Email Settings Tables SO2712
MVP 10.2: Dates Are Not Displayed Correctly in the Scheduled Tasks SO2710
MVP 10.2: Unable to Access Lexmark T430 Netware Settings SO2791
Cannot See Network Printers When Using MarkVision 10 for Macintosh SO1623
Unable to Ascertain Toner Level in MarkVision Professional Document on W810, W820, M410, and M412 FA299
MarkVision Professional 10 Stops Sending Data to MSSQL Server SO2201
After Migrating to MVP 10.1, the Database Is Not Complete SO1943
Overlay Management Issues in MVP 10.2 SO2737
MVP 10.2: Unable to Access Lexmark T430 Netware Settings SO2791
MarkVision Professional Stops Collecting Job Statistics on the Printer Hard Drive SO2711
MVP Not Using Time and Date Format from the Windows Regional Settings HO2010
Internet Explorer Overwrites MVP's Web Client Window When a New Web Page Is Launched SO1948
Does MVP 10.2 Support the Lexmark C920, W840 and T64x Printers? FA494
MarkVision Professional 10 is Not Able to Manage the MFP X820 SO1482
Which Printers are Supported with MarkVision Professional 10.2? FA327
MVP 10.1 Is Requesting the Wrong File Extension to Update the Print Server Firmware SO2597
Cannot Create Folder Action in MVP 10.1 Messenger with French Language SO2477
MarkVision Professional Incorrectly Displays Non-Lexmark Printer's Operator Panel in Russian SO1392
Primary SMTP Gateway Is Not Reported in MarkVision Professional SO2127
Is It Possible to Install MVP 10.1 Plug-ins on MVP 10.0 Server? FA252
MVP 10.1 Is Requesting the Wrong File Extension to Update the Print Server Firmware SO2597
MarkVision Professional Does Not Reflect Change to TCP/IP Hostname SO2041
MVP Messenger Generates an HTML Error with Italian Regional Settings SO2296
Client Preferences Not Saved when MVP is Closed SO1273
MVP Web Client Opens in Current Window Overwriting the Previous Web Page SO1248
MarkVision 10.2 Does Not Display the Correct Toner Level SO2771
Wrong Values Displayed in the RAWJAPRINTJOB Table SO2478
MVP 10.2: Unable to Import a Device Policy SO3010
Unable to Set Host Names in the Server Address Field in MVP 10.1 SO2287
Devices Are Not Deleted (MVP10.2) when Deletion Based on Discovery Profiles is Used SO2765
MVP Messenger 10.2 Does Not Support Extended Characters in Action Names SO2735
Unable to Deactivate Job Statistics in MVP 10.2 SO2887
Impossible to Delete Actions (MVP10.2) in MVP Messenger SO2730
MarkVision Professional (10.2) and MarkVision Messenger Do Not Support Cyrillic Characters SO2769
Devices Are Not Deleted (MVP10.2) when Deletion Based on Discovery Profiles is Used SO2765
LDAP Search for MVP 10.2 Authentication is Limited to the Base Distinguished Name FA344
MVP 10.2: Queue Management Is Only Available through the Installed Version of the MVP Client FA342
 MVP 10 "General" and "How to" Related Article Content
How to Merge Three MVP 10 Server Configurations into One MVP Server HO1024
How to Differentiate a Normal Job from a Confidential Job in MVP 10's Job Accounting HO1109
How to Differentiate Print Jobs from Copier Jobs in MVP 10's Job Accounting HO1108


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General and 'How To' Information

Topic Article Link
How to Create Custom Tables in MarkVision Professional HO1422
How to Create a Custom View with MarkVision Professional HO1421
How to Create a Filter and Apply It to a Folder in MarkVision Professional HO1414
How to Remove Devices from the MarkVision Professional 10.1 Server HO1413
How to Create User Accounts and User Groups with MarkVision Professional HO1389
How to Change MVP Settings Using the EWS HO1446
Network Speed Changes on MarkNets Adapters Are Not Reported in MVP SO1499
MarkVision Professional Reports an "Unknown" Toner Level SO1481
How to Set Up Job Accounting with MarkVision Professional HO1282
How to Move MarkVision Professional from One Server to Another HO1379
MarkVision Professional Provides Small Screens on some Linux Machines SO1272
SUMPvel Supported by MarkNet Adapters and MarkVision Professional SO1378
MVP Client Can Only Connect to Servers of the Same Version FA340
How to Create Filters Using MarkVision Professional HO1380
How to Change the MarkVision Professional Webserver Port HO1313
How to Monitor a Specific Color Toner Level in MarkVision Professional HO1463
How to Do a Device Discovery Using MarkVision Professional HO1382
How to Discover Individual or Small Groups of Devices with MarkVision Professional HO1405
How to Enable Account Tracking on the PostScript Driver HO1377
How Does MPResolve a Device's Host Name? HO2644
How to Change the TFTP Timeout in MarkVision Professional HO1921
How to Update Print Server Firmware Using MarkVision HO575
What User Privileges Are Available for Users and Groups in MVP? FA489
MarkVision Uses Plug-ins to Pick Up New Printer Support FA300
Lines through Devices with MarkVision Professional FA213
MarkVision Professional Not Showing Complete List of Files in the Optra Forms Option SO2496
How to Restart the MarkVision Services Manually HO2054
MarkVision Professional Web Client Does Not Run in Mac OS X SO2644
How To Download Overlays and Fonts onto Multiple Printers with MVP FA304
How to Install Plug-ins in MVP HO2053
What Is the Purpose of the Copy Button on the Storage Devices tab in MVP? FA311
Unable to Access MarkVisionofessional Web Server SO2552
How to Enable HTTP Support on Port 80 in Mark VisionkVision Pro HO1796
How to Use a Different Version of JRE on an MP Client HO1621
How to Use a Different Version of JRE on an MVP Server FA281
Minimum System Requirements for MarkVision Professional SO1867
How to Control VIP(TCP/UP Port Access on the C53x Series Printers HO3285
MVP: Is it Possible to Set the Name of Device and Property Tag Values Using Batch Files or Pre-filled Tables? FA456
MVP: How to Use a Custom Naming Convention to Display Devices in the Folder List FA457
Is it Possible to Read the MFP Unit Serial Number Remotely? FA385
How Does MVP Choose the Device String to Display? FA458
MVP Loses Configuration Changes After a Server Reboot FA497
Java Minimum Requirements SO2703
Firewall Applications Prevent Network Communication: A List of Possible Blocked Processes and Lexmark Ports SO4852
Devices Show "Not Responding" Following Attempts to Manage Them SO2766
Standard IP Ports Are Not Sending All the Job Information to the Printer HO2598


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