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The Wi-Fi Indicator Light and Printer Status

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The Wi-Fi indicator light gives information about the status of the printer. 
NOTE: Most wireless communication issues are a result of the following: 
  • RF (Radio Frequency) interference or wireless signal quality.
  • System of software firewall applications blocking crucial Lexmark software and ports.
  • The router has been replaced or reset. A different or new SSID(network name) and passphrase on the router creates a mismatch to those originally configured on the printer. You will need these router settings to reconfigure the printer using the included Setup Utility or Setup Assistant.
  • The printer has been turned OFF for period of time. You may have to reconfigure the port.


Wi-Fi indicator light states

IMPORTANT! Most of the contents of this article were designed for previous generations of  Wireless-equipped inkjet printers. Not all article links are current, but they may still provide useful guidance.

Use the table below to help determine your printer's current status, and refer to the linked articles for additional assistance.

Wi-Fi Indicator for Older Models

Wi-Fi Indicator for Newer Models Possible Communication States

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Touch Panel Devices

No Image – Blank Screen

Non-Touch Panel Devices

"I have no wireless capabilities."
  • Initial power-up state
  • The INA* is not present. 
  • The INA is not properly connected.
  • The printer power is off or in sleep mode. 
  • Possible hardware failure
  • USB connection with printer that lacks wireless print server
Contact Lexmark Technical Support if this remains a problem. See Still need help? below.

Blinking orange

Touch Panel Devices

Non-Touch Panel Devices

"Printer is trying to connect wirelessly"
  • The INA has been configured for infrastructure, but is not linked to an access point.
  • There is a security setting mismatch between access point and router.
  • Interim negotiating status while performing setup procedure
  • Out of range or interference between printer and access point
  • Printer unplugged for an extended period of time may cause this to happen.

Click here
for 'Printer Not Found or here for an alternative article on 'No communication' issues.

Click here for an article on Signal Strength. Note: This article pertains to the X3500-X4500 Series printers but it is valuable for ALL wireless products.

If you are really unsure what has happened:

  • Make sure the computer is communicating over the network.
  • Reset your wireless router (AP) by turning it OFF and ON, or remove the power supply from the back of the printer and then plug it back in.
  • Follow this link to the Wireless Setup Utility or Wireless Configuration Utility to reconfigure the printer.

Solid orange

Touch Panel Devices

Non-Touch Panel Devices

"Printer is not communicating wirelessly"
  • The printer is brand new and has never been configured.
  • The printer is connected via USB cable.
  • The printer is in the middle of being configured.
  • The INA is waiting for an ad-hoc (peer-to-peer) connection.
Note: Adhoc is a computer to printer communication without the use of a router or access point.

Need to configure:
Windows XP/Vista

Note:  These are examples only.
Infrastructure (most common) Click here
Ad hoc Click here

All-In-Ones (AIOs), also known as MultiFunction Printers (MFPs):
Infrastructure Click here
Ad hoc Click here

Windows users:
 The light will not turn green until after you have removed the installation cable!

Macintosh X.3 and X.4
Infrastructure (most common) Click here
Ad hoc Click here

Infrastructure Click here
Ad hoc Click here

Solid green

Touch Panel Devices

Non-Touch Panel Devices

"Printer is connected wirelessly"
  • The INA has been configured and is connected to an access point.
  • The INA is connected ad hoc.

  • For a 'Communication error' with a green light, click here.
  • For a 'Communication error' only after the printer comes out of power saver , follow the below links:

X4800 Series – click here.
X6500 Series – click here.
X7500 Series – click here.

Blinking green
None Printer will flash green during a code update.

Click here
 for an article describing how to update network firmware. Or, click here for further firmware code update information.

Note: This indicator should not be seen often.

INA = Internal Network Adapter


Advanced Flow Chart



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Still need help?

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support. NOTE:  When calling for support, you will also need your printer model/machine type and serial number (SN).
Please call from near the printer and computer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of these devices.  


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