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Processes or Executables Utilized by Inkjet Products – A Brief Description of Their Function

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Firewall blocking Lexmark processes; Executables; lxcqcoms.exe; lxcqpswx.exe; lxcqjswx.exe; lxcqtime.exe; lxcqmon.exe; lxcqaiox.exe; lxcqfax.exe; lxcqwpss.exe; lxd?; lxe?; lma?; Printer Communication error; Jobs building in the queue


Windows 95; Windows 98; Windows Me; Windows NT; Windows 2000; Windows XP (32-bit); Windows XP Professional (64-bit); Windows Vista (32-bit); Windows Vista (64-bit); Windows 7 (32-bit); Windows 7 (64-bit); Windows 8 (32-bit); Windows 8 (64-bit);


Applications and Processes

NOTE:  Most of these processes talk to the Lexmark Communication System (LCS), which handles all traffic to and from the printer. The applications use TCP/IP to talk to the LCS, which may trigger some firewall software. The TCP port used for communication between application varies by product.

Process <prefix> Function
Instgui.exe Installation software
<prefix>coms.exe Lexmark Communication System – This process handles low-level communication between the PC and the device over USB and networked connections. This uses TCP/IP and UDP/IP to talk to network printers.
<prefix>wbgw.exe This process communicates with the Internet. This is the only Lexmark SW component that communicates with the Internet.
<prefix>lscn.exe Lean scan
<prefix>pswx.exe Handles printing status and posts alerts (e.g., Paper Out, Ink Low). Also the Lexmark Solution Center application.
<prefix>time.exe Lexmark Connect
<prefix>mon.exe Device Monitor This listens for button presses from the device for operator panel-initiated scanning. The system tray has an icon for the Lexmark All-in-One Center or Lexmark Imaging Studio. This application displays that icon.
<prefix>jswx.exe Job Status Window – Shows job progress bar.

All-in-One Center – Shipped on Lexmark products prior to 2007.

<prefix>fax.exe Fax Software
<prefix>wpss.exe The Wireless Setup utility allows easy configuration of the printer's wireless settings from the PC and communicates over the local network.
<prefix>app4r.exe Lexmark Imaging Studio – Started shipping on Lexmark products in 2007.



is a product unique value which differs by individual All-In-One or inkjet model. For example, <lxdj>pswx.exe contains the prefix <lxdj> which references a Lexmark Z1420 inkjet printer.

HINT: If unsure about your printer model's prefix, perform a search on lx*.* using Microsoft's search tool.

Model-specific prefixes:

2011 onwards – No <lx??> devices but still with <prefixes>

<LMADE>: S310 Series
<LMADG>: S410 Series
<LMADH>: S510 Series
<LMADI>: Pro710 Series
<LMADJ>: Pro910 Series
<LMADK>: Pro4000 Series
<LMADL>: Pro5500 Series
Common prefixes: <LM>, <lex>


<lxea>: S300 series and S400 series 
<lxeb>: Pro200 series and S500 series
<lxed>: S600 series
<lxee>: Pro700 series
<lxec>: Pro800 series and Pro900 series

2008 and below


NOTE: <lx??> – The question mark will be replaced by a character representing the model printer that you have. There will be only one entry unless you have multiple Lexmark printers installed.


Process Directory Path

Utilize this table if your Firewall application requires manual entry of specific processes (.exe) and directory paths. 

IMPORTANT! Some files are located in more than one location. Only enter the directory location specified in this table.

Application or Executable Process (.exe) Direction (TCP/UDP/IP) Directory Path

<prefix> pswx.exe (printer status)


32-bit operating systems - C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3

64-bit operating systems - C:\system32\spool\drivers\x64\3

<prefix> jswx.exe (job status window)
<prefix> wbgw.exe (web gateway)
<prefix> coms.exe (communications) Inbound/Outbound C:\windows\system32
aiox.exe or App4R.exe (2007 Products) Inbound/Outbound  

C:\Program Files\Lexmark Series

Lexmark Series - Lexmark 1400, 2400 3500,4500,4600,4800,4900,6500,7500,7600,9300,9500 Series products or any other AIO Inkjet Printers
<prefix> lscn.exe (lean scan)
<prefix> amon.exe (monitors for button presses)
<prefix> mon.exe


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Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional information. NOTE: When calling for support, you will need your printer model type and serial number (SN)
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