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IP Ports Utilized by 2007 and 2008 Inkjet Products

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Internet Protocol; AIO inkjet; Cannot print; Printer is not working; Communication problem; Router preventing communication; Network communication failing; Not working over network; Firewall preventing scan; Application list not received; PC names not functioning;


Windows 95; Windows 98; Windows Me; Windows NT; Windows 2000; Windows XP (32-bit); Windows XP Professional (64-bit); Windows Vista (32-bit); Windows Vista (64-bit); Windows 7 (32-bit); Windows 7 (64-bit); Windows 8 (32-bit); Windows 8 (64-bit);


IP Ports Table

The Lexmark Communication System (LCS) handles all traffic to and from the printer. The applications use TCP/IP to talk to the LCS, which may trigger some firewall software. The TCP port used for communication between applications varies by product.

Protocol or Function IP Port Number
Default Print (TCP 9100)
HBN3 (TCP 9100)
HBN3 Scan (TCP 9100)
FTP – File Transfer Protocol (TCP 21)
HTTP – Embedded Web Server (EWS) (TCP 80, 8000)
mDNS (Bonjour) – Auto Configuration and Discovery (UDP 5353)
SNMP V2c/V1 – Simple Network Messaging Protocol (UDP 161)
SNMP V1 Traps (UDP 162) partial support
HBN3 HID – Human Interface Device (UDP 162) partial support

NOTE: Telnet sessions using port 9000 are not supported (e.g., c:/telnet <printer's_IP_address> 9000). FTP is supported for flashing files such as firmware, or for testing network connectivity; however, it is not suggested as a path for testing print files.


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